All The Miracles Are Created By Our Desires

bio1A question I received: I am an orthodox priest and I have been interested in Kabbalah as taught by your Ashlag Research Institute for about six years. My question is: do the inexplicable phenomena of nature have spiritual roots? I have been a witness of a miraculous weeping icon. This happened to me three weeks ago in church while I was performing service at the altar. The streaks and drops of myrrh still haven’t dried, and still exude a very strong fragrance. I’m ok – there’s no need to call an ambulance. Besides, I wasn’t the only one to witness this phenomenon.

My Answer: All the “inexplicable” phenomena of nature can be explained quite simply: a person’s desires can make miracles a reality. If you really wish for something, anything can happen. The same is true for our inner expectation of miracles – especially in religious practices, even though we may not be fully aware of this expectation.

When we study perception in Kabbalah, we learn that the picture of the world is depicted inside us and by us. It is entirely determined by our desires. So, nothing is impossible. If a person thinks about something or desires something, it means there is a place for this thing in the world and it is possible in some form. Otherwise this desire or thought would never have emerged in him. However, the most important thing is to desire that which is good!

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