People Don’t Have To Hear The Word Kabbalah To Hear Kabbalah’s Message

laitman_2009-03-18_8399_wA question I received: You have said that we should disseminate Kabbalah at every opportunity. Yet you’ve also mentioned that it is necessary to be careful not to use the name of Kabbalah and its terminology if there is a danger that this will repel someone (which is basically most of the time, as my experience shows). You advise us to use our corporeal capabilities and understanding of the subject using the tools of our occupations to try to explain the reason for what is happening in the world to others. You have often said that it is compulsory for everyone wanting to progress to disseminate, but is it acceptable to disseminate Kabbalah without mentioning the name Kabbalah?

My Answer: Why is it so important to mention the name of the method? What difference would it make if a person applied Newton’s law without knowing who discovered it? We are talking about the first stages of explaining Nature’s laws to people, in a way that will address their needs, without putting obstacles before them. We have to account for people’s prejudice, preconceptions about Kabbalah, Anti-Semitism, the special status of Israel and all the other factors. All of this is purposefully put forth as an obstacle for us, and we will be able to overcome it gradually, to the extent that people will recognize the need for global unification.

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