The World’s Problems Are Our Problems

ourSome politicians wish to explain that everything depends on our relationships with each other, but they lack the means to do this. Once you explain that everyone depends on everyone else, you oblige everyone to begin to unite with each other. That means to break all the previously existing systems, including the systems of national defense, the political systems, and all the forces of people’s opposition to one another. After all, until now, everything we did was based on competition, battle, and politics: one bank competing with another, one economy against another, and so on.

We now have to destroy all this, but how could we, if the whole power base of the individuals with authority in this world depends on these things?! Besides, when we break down the old system, we also have to make the connections between people congruent to the laws of Nature, similar to Nature, and this requires great effort on our part.

The crisis is caused by our lack of congruence to the laws of Nature. And if we open up this Pandora’s Box, we will enter the arena with the greatest concentration of power, strength, money, force, and armies. In other words, we will invade the place where the greatest egoism hides. It is particularly these people that must now realize that they are completely opposite to Nature – that they are unnecessary and detrimental.

Then we will come to the kind of situation that Karl Marx wrote about. Can you just imagine how many other problems will have to emerge until all of this will come to the surface?

It may seem that these problems are distant, global, and removed from us, as we ask, “where are they, and what do they have to do with me?” However, it is a fact that they determine our fate and our day to day lives.

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  1. Shalom-Peace-Paz-Umoja
    I come to you in a quest for understanding. I have a limited miniscule perception that each of us is a particle of a larger mindset and yet as such we are an integral part of the whole in its entirety . The solidarity and unity we seek is to add our portion no matter how tiny to the completeness of the whole. In doing so we also find wholeness and join in the Umoja or greatness of the one we. So now I find it difficult to connect peacefully to others who do not welcome my contribution to the whole. If I am exciled or cast away or denied entry to the whole can I find a way to join in from a different portal or entry point? What I am asking is when do we fully connect with others who reject our right or legitimate mission to reunite?
    If we are excluded from the whole even when we wish to connect then what is our lesson? Do we just persist, perservere and push on -against the will of others who do not choose to let us join? Does joining with others require their acceptance of us or can we just accept them and then be joined by a thin bond of connectedness? What do we do when we want to be in the we but others claim that we are promoting a me? At what point do we feel the joy of we? I am trying to find the joy but I am not connecting to the right oneness. I am trying to reunite in solidarity of greatness of the multitudes of humanity that compose the we. Thank you for your guidance… in search of giving back to others so that I will find my joy like the creator…

  2. Interesting lessons about being a part of the solution by first recognizing that the problem belongs to each of us. Therefore we need to be part of the solution. Join with others who share a common passion of unity to aid one another in finding solutions for the problem you are best able to solve. Many minds many solutions to many problems increase the humanity of spirit to improve our greater good existence on this planet. No one person has the answers to all problems but many minds contribute to the combined efforts to solve a multitude of problems -one at a time but collectively -solving many problems- in multiple levels at once..expontentially! WOW!

  3. Salamualeikum!
    I was reading your article from Cental Asia, Kazakhstan, Almaty. Your words were clever, they made to think about equity of all people. In my opinion the real solution will be when there will be one nation, one religion, one language for ALL PEOPLE OF THE EARTH! But according to history, I guess it is impossible.

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