The Media Must Start Promoting Values And Relationships Of Kindness

new-movieIn the News (translated from RBC The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs is considering closing a reality TV show called “House-2.” The authorities finally recognized that Russia has a problem of low moral values, perpetuated by the TV channels and the entertainment businesses. Instead of showing immoral reality shows on the TV, the experts advise showing positive heroes and ethical behavior.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has proposed a bill that will protect children from information that may be harmful to their health and development. The country’s shame and misfortune is that a police officer has better morals than the actors and producers.

The objective of human culture is to fight the instincts, so we will be human beings rather than animals. It is much more difficult to make interesting movies, to write books, and to create programs than to appeal to the animal in us and to make money by appealing to our base, instinctual desires.

Unfortunately, the television promotes primitive values and behavior. It does not simply clog up our brains and hinder our development, but it is outright dangerous.

My Comment: Kabbalah says that the solution to all of humanity’s problems lies in correctly educating a human being with the help of the right environment. People are the only thing in the world that has to be corrected. All the world’s problems come from incorrect human behavior. The “Introduction to the Book of Zohar” says that it is egoism that causes all the diseases and suffering in the world.

In the News (translated from Countries are unable to enforce laws on the Internet. The laws that are currently in effect are not working. The need for laws on the Internet has become imminent. In fact, there are no Internet laws in Russia at all.

My Comment: It’s the same in other countries as well. The need to survive in the new interconnected world requires us to introduce new laws that will eliminate animosity, as well as the promotion and display of violence and evil. It requires the media, the school programs, and public organizations to start promoting relationships of kindness among people.

These laws must also become the basis for a new, worldwide court of law. The revelation of the global world is forcing us to establish a completely good bond between us and with the entire system of Nature, including Its still, vegetative and animate levels.

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