We Perceive Everything Inside Our Desires

good1Questions I received on perception, what the Creator wants from us, and how to use an ascent:

Question: Kabbalah says that everything is within us, including the Creator. But it also says that we must come out of ourselves and feel others. Isn’t there a contradiction?

My Answer: We perceive everything within our desires. However, these desires can either be “for oneself,” meaning within oneself, within one’s egoism, or “for others,” meaning outside of oneself, outside of one’s egoism. Either way, we perceive only what enters our senses.

Question: What does the Creator want from us? I don’t understand this at all. The only thing I understand is that I am the will to receive pleasure and He bestows all the pleasure. And if I want to attain His plan, I have to become like Him by attaining complete equivalence to the desire to bestow. This is necessary in order to attain His thoughts and ways. Am I on the right track?

My Comment: So far, yes. And you will reveal all the rest for yourself through your “conversations” with the Creator.

Question: How do you use an ascent most efficiently? I’m talking about the state where you are overwhelmed with emotion, with the importance of the goal, the unity of souls and so on. After a Congress there is always a very clear, tangible sensation of a new degree, and I want to make the most out of it.

My Comment: Immerse yourself in the books and try to discern new things in the text.

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