The Crisis Is Necessary for Us To Reach Togetherness

whats-the-right-attitude-to-have-to-this-world1In the News (translated from Russian Newsweek): Western Europe has a strong collective ideology. People are more open to each other and are accustomed to helping each other. In Russia, however, most people live by the principle, “looking out for number one.” Nevertheless, Russia is now adopting the Western style: it is actively developing its social networks, people are forging connections and learning to communicate.

My Comment: This is why the crisis was necessary. But how much more suffering will we have to experience in order to recognize its purpose?! If only we would understand that we are causing suffering to ourselves by behaving egoistically in the closed system of the human society. If we would just realize this, we’d be able to grow closer to each other painlessly. We would experience perfection, because the system of humanity would be working correctly.

In the News (from The Telegraph):Recession has made us ‘more compassionate’ ” Survey findings show that one in three [people] thinks society will come out of the recession more caring and compassionate.

My Comment: You see, now even a “prim and proper” Englishman feels the need for community. People are sensing that the world has become globalized and that it is necessary to unite and understand others.

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