The Future Belongs To A Horizontal Society

Laitman_120In the News (from “The essential need of a person is the need for meaning and personal-social significance, so they will notice him and respect him. This idea is embedded in everything, in housing, in nourishment, in clothing, in the type of relationships, in choosing a profession or job.

“Many contemptuous words have been written about pursuing power, pursuing respect, conceit, pursuing profit, avarice, corruption… and even about a feeling of self-esteem, pride, humiliation, about the poor and about those who are discriminated against in society, about equality and equal opportunities…And all of this is from discovering the need to be significant and important.

“Since people began to communicate through information and the fruit of their hands, social inequality appeared. Wealth, dominance and praise cover him with some importance, with some value. Things began to indicate the status of the person in society. A person who is not more exceptional than the person who ‘stands above him’ in something, becomes an angry creature dreaming of annihilating the one who offends him.

“It is possible to see two kinds of people here: 1. Someone who intentionally and openly demonstrates his superiority over others. 2. Someone who hides his superiority, happy to gloat over the inferiority of others.

“Humanity is sick and infected with consumerism; this buys social meaningfulness that depends on the number of ‘stakeholders.’ Particularly strong is national pride, in particular in small and economically impoverished nations. This is because other than national pride, a person doesn’t have anything else that can give him importance among the other inhabitants on the face of the Earth. And woe be it to someone who defiles that pride. Everything that a person does is all in order to maintain and raise his personal importance and significance in his social environment.

“Status attained through wealth cannot be less than the status of dominance and glory. The significance is that a person who gets a high position in the hierarchy of power, aspires to seize property appropriate to his greatness, as well as a matching level of publicity. And this is the reason for embezzlement, taking bribes, removing competitors.

“The source that nourishes corruption is the right of a government official to consume and exploit property that doesn’t belong to him. The higher the level of the governmental official, the higher is the degree of corruption. The salary of a state official is much less in comparison to the income of an independent businessman, whereas the meaningfulness and importance in the pyramid of control is great.

“As long as a vertical hierarchy of government jobs exists, it will be useless to fight corruption and even harmful: This struggle could generate and create more sophisticated forms of corruption and move to higher levels. In horizontal relationships this is otherwise: There the corruption is a distortion that awakens confusion among the observers: Why should there be a bribe or theft when a positive result can even be achieved without them?

“In a normal society that is built through horizontal management, the relationships are also normal. Friendship is exchanged for friendship, love is exchanged for love, and so are also the relationships of those possessing a materially creative nature.”

My Comment: I think that there is no other way of getting rid of defects and corruption than building a horizontal society of equal and reciprocally connected people.

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