Preferential Treatment For Discovering The Creator

laitman_214Question: What is the force of creation and the program is created to do what?  Are they preparing us for something hidden behind everything that happens?

Answer: Certainly! We are being prepared for the discovery of the Creator to the creature in this world. The wisdom of Kabbalah was designed for this because every person must discover the Creator. The Creator (Bore) means “Bo-Re” (Come and see). That is what we call it since the person comes and finds.

Question: What must one come to see?

Answer: To attainment, to feeling, to opening yourself with the help of two opposing forces, that between them you discover the higher system and the essence of its internal program. And this is called the Creator. This is the truest wisdom (science) and so that is why it is also called the wisdom of Kabbalah. You reach this discovery scientifically, as in every other science.

Question: What must the person do to penetrate into this system, into this “computer”?

Answer: Only realize the recommendations and advice of the Kabbalists: Come and learn, carry out activities that develop the sixth sense with whose help you discover the Creator, the upper world. Exactly as the person feels our world, he will discover an additional reality that manages us, accompanies us, and organizes everything for us.

Question: Can you give me “preferential treatment” to help penetrate into this “computer”?

Answer: This is precisely what we are doing. But you are required to invest a little energy in this: Come and learn, participate in all kinds of activities that open your senses. Then you will begin to feel the same system that activates you through this world. Everything is opened before you.

Question: When we study the wisdom of Kabbalah, do we learn about this system?

Answer: Yes! This is called “Revealing the Creator to His creatures in this world,” revealing the system of higher management to every person found in our world.

Question: Is the wisdom of Kabbalah some kind of philosophical learning?

Answer: No. Philosophy is thinking and reasoning without any real results in our lives. Instead, the wisdom of Kabbalah is a very practical science. It reveals the upper world to a person and teaches him how he can manage his life correctly.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 2/15/15

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