The Crown Of Creation

Laitman_709Question: I want to clarify the place of man in nature. On one hand, in a certain meaning, the life of modern man seems more miserable than the life of a beast, and on the other hand, as a result of the wisdom of connection, man can become a “superman” that sees the future, and everything will be opened in front of him.

Answer: However, for that, you need to exit from your “I” and feel the other as yourself. By that, you rise above your ego; you are not thinking about the corporeal benefit. You rise above yourself as you know it today and integrate in one big thought, in what is called the thought of creation, and want to realize it with full strength. Then you begin to understand that in order to realize it, you must bring it for everyone to know. This raises you above the animate degree. You begin to relate to everyone in a completely different form, relating in a good way like you do to yourself. You don’t feel any difference between the natures of the still, vegetative, animate, and man because you will relate to all with love.

Question: But which place in nature do I grasp?

Answer: You identify with the general mind that lies in nature, with all the intensity that is in the system, and you really will rise above all remaining creatures, above all existence, because you will know, understand, and be able to bestow upon the great thought of nature and its plan. Inside this plan, you will insert the missing “free” factor, which formerly was accidental because you did not participate in it by your choice, and, when you participate in this thought in an independent form, you add intensity to it. Thanks to you, all the still, vegetative, and animate nature begins to feel changes for the good from the side of the thought of creation, from the side of the forces that are managing and holding life within them. Finally, all of nature begins to calm down and reaches harmony.

Question: What will my dog feel at that time?

Answer: The dog cannot feel anything except the life of a beast, good or bad. But when man corrects himself, it will influence the animals too. It will improve their health and will give them a more comfortable feeling because now your dog suffers only because of you. If you have a bad mood, the dog feels it. Sometimes, man suffers from depression, and after some time his dog needs medication also, needs medication against depression. Everything begins in man. Therefore, it is worthwhile for us to make efforts, at least for our dog.

Question: Before I thought man was at the top of the pyramid of development, above all levels of nature—still, vegetative, and animate—but now I am not sure what my place is in all the system of nature.

Answer: As a result of egoistic development, man lowered himself to the bottom of the pyramid because he feels himself the most miserable of all instead of being at the top. But we are capable of reversing the pyramid. The levels of still, vegetative, and animate feel connection with the thought of creation, with its plan, and man does not feel it. We are still managed by it, but without our consent, without merging with it.

We must bring ourselves to adhesion, and then we will find ourselves at the top of the pyramid. The entire world will belong to us! We will rise above space, time, and motion, and coincidence. Like that, man moves from corporeal things and momentary calculations that are proved wrong tomorrow or even in the next moment, and exits to the level of thought.

Question: Who is wiser, man or nature?

Answer: Clearly nature is smarter! Who created whom? Nature is smarter and stronger than man.

Question: Then, what does it mean that man finds himself at the top of the pyramid?

Answer: To be on the top means to come to adhesion with the thought of creation. Because in man lies the ability to reach understanding and attainment of the whole plan of creation, its purpose, he rises to the same degree as the whole of nature, and in this form he reaches equivalence of form with the thought, includes himself in it, and reaches completion. This is called to be the crown of creation. For that, man was created. Precisely because of that we suffer today. This is the beginning of the correct deficiency to arrive at this state.

Question: So, we might come to the simple conclusion that if we would learn to feel the other as we feel ourselves, then we will succeed in seeing the future!

Answer: Correct.
From KabTV’s “A New Life,” 2/23/14

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