According To The Program Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Recently, in the world and particularly in the United States, aggressive anti-Israel demonstrations have taken place. Are they a manifestation of the hidden, modern anti-Semitism?

Answer: I do not think that anti-Semitism is hidden; it is even more up to date. Anti-Semitism is in the program of nature because the group of people who left ancient Babylon and formed a community based on love and mutual assistance to each other should continue to exist and show an example of how we can arrange our world.

Please pay attention, we produce food in abundance, and half of the world is starving; we can cure all diseases, but do everything to aggravate them and make money on health care, and so on. That is, the world cannot continue to exist in this way, especially in the age of new technologies. Therefore, almost 90% of people will become unemployed. What can we do?

The world needs a method of unity. Of course, anti-Semitism will increase, especially in America, because, compared with other countries, the American society is much more egoistic, and the next wave of serious anti-Semitism, both national and public, will be mainly manifested there.

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