Split Of The Community: Who Is To Blame?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why in relation to the recent developments in Israel, did the Jewish-American community become divided into two parts? Why do most influential Jewish individuals and organizations take an active anti-Israel stance?

Answer: The same thing happened in Nazi Germany. Jews living in other countries are trying to hide behind the alleged anti-Israeli, anti-Zionist policy. It has been this way at all times.

But it will not help them because the attitude not even towards Israel, but just towards Jews stems from anti-Semitism, and not from anti-Israel sentiments, not because someone is “for” or “against” the Arabs—it does not matter. The Jews will be always blamed even if they themselves take a clear anti-Israel stance. At the same time, nothing will help us but to show ourselves and to give the world the method of correct existence that it is waiting for.

Question: Why is what is allowed for any country in the world not allowed for Israel?

Answer: Of course! According to statistics, over the past few years about forty million people were killed in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Libya, and Lebanon. But no one talks about it, raises the issue, or pays attention.

It is not about who is fighting whom, but the fact that the Jews who are supposed to bring the Light to the world are not doing so. Anti-Semites say: “You are the cause of all the suffering in the world.” So, it is not the Arabs because this was talked about before the establishment of Israel, before the war. In fact, this feeling is within a person who feels that he depends on our nation.

We need to understand them. Kabbalah speaks about this seriously, openly, because in a very short time we can completely change the attitude of the world towards us. We have no other choice.

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