I Am Ready To Jump Into The Red Sea

laitman_232_09Rabash, “What is the Blessing ‘That A Miracle Happened to Me in this Place’ in the Work”: Therefore it says about the exile in Egypt: “Remember that you were a slave in Egypt,” which means that being a slave is so bad because Israel suffered in Egypt.

This means that on the one hand, they felt what it means to be Israel (Yashar-El, straight to the Creator) a little, and on the other hand, they realized that the opposite force governs them. Thus, they began to feel that they were enslaved, held there against their will.

Therefore, it says “remember,” which means that we should remember the sufferings that they suffered there. Then there is a reason to rejoice at the redemption from Egypt.

They should truly regret their slavery and really want to change the situation in order to change the domination of one force to the other force, to the domination of the Creator. As much as the Pharaoh rules, we want the domination of the Creator, and thus increase one with regard to the other until we pass through the 49 gates of impurity behind which the force of bestowal, the Creator, is revealed, which is called the exodus from Egypt.

It is impossible to come out of Egypt with little recognition of the evil that our ego causes us. It must be an unbearable state where  my death is better than this life. I am ready to jump into the Red Sea and to do everything so that I will not have to remain in my ego.

This is the reason that this work can only be done in a group where everyone works together and is incorporated in one another. Everyone collects all the efforts and the feelings of enslavement from all the others and thus feels that he must come out and that he cannot remain there. This is the reason that working on the connection gives everyone such a strong feeling of pain that he is thus forced to demand the exit to redemption.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/2/14, Writing of Rabash

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