Redemption Under Cover Of Darkness

Dr. Michael LaitmanDeparture from exile happens in complete darkness. Towards the redemption, the darkness becomes greater and greater so that there won’t be any grasping by the great egoistic desires that are discovered while passing through the 49 gates of Tuma’a, where the cruelty of the desire to receive, the ego, increases more and more.

Along with this, it is necessary to close the sources of bestowal, the Light, more and more, until we reach a point in which the power of Tuma’a will not be left with any possibility of grasping Kedusha (Holiness).

It cannot be that Keudsha will shine at all for those in the 49 gates of Tuma’a. They find themselves in the worst state that can be, and precisely within this state, from this critical point, there is a birth, which is called redemption.

All of the darkness that is felt by them is derived from the work of Israel who yearn for bestowal and are ready to bestow, even though they receive nothing in return. But they feel these things as beneficial to them; when the streams of Light are closed and sealed and conditions become more and more difficult, then those who are attracted to the goal accept this as help.

Due to all of the limitations and pressures, they have the opportunity of reaching more bestowal, more Hafetz Hesed. I have nothing, and I don’t need it! This helps me. For the limitation that comes from Above places me in Hafetz Hesed. And then I don’t want anything other than to be directed towards bestowal.

It follows that those 49 gates of Tuma’a stabilize me for bestowal. What would happen if this hadn’t happened and I had received more Light, revelation, understanding, as I require now? I would not be able to become Hafetz Hesed. With this great Light, with understanding and awareness, I would not want to leave Egypt. It would be very difficult to do this, if at all. I simply don’t have such power.

So I advance specifically under the forces of pressure, in the dark. The increasing darkness becomes a sign that I can be further stabilized and then direct myself towards bestowal.
From the 4th part of the
Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/7/14, Writings of the Ari

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