Anti-Semitism Has Provoked Emigration From The EU

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Jewish News One)With anti-Semitism once again on the rise in Europe, from Hungary to Holland to France, the Jewish National Fund conference sought to examine the reason for its re-emergence, and how to deal with the problem through co-operation and communication.

Anti-Semitism, which is prejudice, hatred or discrimination against Jews because of their Jewish heritage, has experienced a long history of expression since the days of ancient civilizations, with most of it having originated in the Christian and pre-Christian civilizations of Europe.

Joël Rubinfeld, Co-chairman of the European Jewish Parliament and President of the Belgian League against anti-Semitism:

“‘There is a challenge, the challenge is: is there a future for Jews in Europe? And the situation with the rise of anti-Semitism in western and eastern Europe is very concerning, and the Fundamental Rights agency published a survey last year, showing that 29% of European Jews are thinking about emigrating from Europe, because of not feeling safe any more, as Jews living here. So and this figure rise to 40% in Belgium and close to 50% in Hungary or France. So it’s very concerning and we need to take all necessary measures and actually politicians need to take all the necessary measure to restore trust among European Jews.’

Many Jews in Europe say anti-Semitism is increasing – citizens in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia and the United Kingdom have expressed concerns about their own safety and that of family members. The JNF conference sought to address the issue by stressing the importance of advocating for Israel and KKL-JNF in the EU.”

My Comment: Anti-Semitism is a natural phenomenon because Jews are the carriers of a special spiritual gene the “point in the heart.” Its presence explains the uniqueness of this nation, its history and talent. But its uniqueness lies in the destiny: in our time, when the world has exhausted the possibilities of its egoistic development and seeks the direction and method of its further development, the Jews must reveal their basis “love thy neighbor” and the method of achieving it—the wisdom of Kabbalah.

They must learn and apply it to themselves, and by this reveal an example of the future to the world and bring Light to the nations of the world. It is by aspiring to this destiny that we will discover that only this action will cancel the hatred of the nations of the world towards us. Otherwise, they subconsciously feel and blame us for their troubles.

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