Why Do We Need Altruism?

laitman_546_02Opinion: (Dmitry Leikin): “Individualism prospers in the modern world. The idea of living for yourself is so strong that you have to explain the fact that you do something for others.

“The point is that every person has a certain amount of power (energy), which he can spend on different activities.

“At the same time he has certain personal needs that he can fulfill through different activities. The need for altruism stems from the fact that a person has more energy than he needs in order to care for his own personal needs.

“This means that if we look at a person’s personal needs we will discover that they aren’t so many: he actually needs food, clothing, a home and a little bit of entertainment. All the other needs are actually collective needs, which means that you do something egoistically not for yourself but for others.

“But a modern man is left with far more altruistic powers than his ancestors. This means that modern man needs altruism more than the generations that preceded him.

“This is expressed in the form of laziness, depression and loss of motivation. This means that modern man realizes that he doesn’t know what he should do after the quick satisfaction of his personal needs. Because he has been brought up to live only for himself, he doesn’t know how to keep himself busy and eventually doesn’t do anything and complains about his loss of motivation.

“If he begins to do something for others his motivation will reappear and will turn out to be infinite since he can do something for others infinitely. This means that he can totally invest his efforts in such actions, which is actually what a person needs in order to be happy -to invest all his energy in something.

“If we look at people who do great things, we will see that all these things are always aimed at great masses of people. These people never complain about lack of motivation, but they may complain that they life isn’t long enough to fulfill everything they plan to do.

“The only way to be happy and to have the motivation to do anything is to do something not only for yourself but also for others. The reason is that you can have great motivation and self-fulfillment only in doing things for others.”

My Comment: Then egoistic psychology (motivation) gradually switches into the wisdom of Kabbalah because the egoistic motivation of working for the sake of others also becomes empty and there is a growing need for new motivation, for the Creator, because the Creator is infinite. A person who performs such actions feels that these actions are eternal and that the filling is infinite.

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