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laitman_572_02The Tabernacle is the place where the Creator is revealed, which means the central point where the Earth touches Heaven. The Holy Ark (Aron Kodesh) in the Tabernacle is between two cherubs (angels).

All these terms refer to the forces that are created in a person so we shouldn’t imagine any actual figures that have a material form. These figures are formed as a result of the attribute of bestowal and are aimed externally to myself.

Thanks to our ego we can divide the attribute of love and bestowal (the level of Bina) that flows like water, as it cannot be aimed at anyone in particular since otherwise it isn’t love but something that we wish to benefit from, to serve our own interest. But if it flows widely unto everyone it is the true attribute of bestowal. For example, if a person lives alone in the forest and doesn’t need anything, not a house, family, or even clothes, he may just eat some berries and it is good, but he has no self-benefit.

How can we manage and control the attribute of bestowal if it totally lacks a desire since it is full of absolute love and bestowal unto others? It can only be done if we begin to attach it to the attribute of the ego that is subordinate to it. There are two ways we can attach it: to manage the ego with the help of bestowal, or to manage bestowal by using the ego. It is one of the two. Everything is very simple. The attribute of bestowal is love. In our world I love another person because it brings me pleasure, joy, and certain feelings. In other words, my attitude towards that person and the way he makes me feel merge. But if we divide them, it turns out that I love him because I receive pleasure from him. It is egoistic love, since if my feeling fades I will not even look at him and will feel nothing for him.

In order to check that my love is not for my own benefit, I can invoke a totally opposite feeling in myself. If I suddenly discover that he has done something horrible and plans to do something against me and I still continue to love him despite the repulsion I feel, this love is not for my own benefit. The question is why do I need to love him? So by this attitude to others I will resemble the Creator. This is why a third party is needed here, the Creator. Otherwise there is no room for this kind of love.

Thus love can be egoistic or altruistic, which is not related to another person but to the source for which I have to perform such actions. I dress the attribute of bestowal (Bina) on the egoism. Bina is the basis of love. It is the reviving attribute of mother’s milk; it is the attribute of water that flows abundantly all over. When we attain this attribute we discover that we can manage it only when Malchut (egoism) is below it and is revealed gradually.

Imagine that there is a large canvas below us in which we suddenly begin to identify different shocks and that this is the only way we raise and establish the attribute of bestowal, but only thanks to the fact that the ego inside it is willing and wishes to be there. When the ego is revealed in the most revolting ways it discovers the attribute of bestowal above it. But it is actually like sand, and without it the attribute of bestowal is formless; it is simply a white cloud. But when they begin to work together the whole world is revealed and together they establish its forms.

Question: Is an embryo that is formed inside its mother also covered with the attribute of bestowal?

Answer: Of course! Nature takes care of the fact that while developing in his mother’s womb he will be wrapped with the upper love. Then he turns with his head down and is born, falling from the attribute of Bina in to Malchut and begins to grow as an egoist, so that eventually he will discover the world as he felt it in the womb, but now he will contain all of the creation inside him. He builds it by himself! This means that he attains the same attribute of bestowal but on a different level.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/24/14

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