A Generation That Does Not Sense Tomorrow

Dr. Michael LaitmanAccording to statistics, most of the demonstrators in Tel Aviv, as well as the organizers of the protest, belong to the middle and upper classes. Special research has been done on which layers of society populate these demonstrations and what the percentages are.

And the same thing is now happening in London. We think that people are coming out to the streets and raising havoc because they have nothing to eat. But that’s not the problem. Why has it become possible to incite them and agitate them to hold a revolution? It’s because the new generation does not feel that the future holds anything good for it. The tendency is for things to get worse. And this is the gist of the problem: that there’s no future!

What do I care about problems like an apartment, family, and children if there is no tomorrow for me? This means total despair, like depression, when a person does not understand what he should live for. And if he gets into this state, then he is ready to do anything at all to destroy this horrible feeling of inner sorrow. That is why people are coming out to the streets and holding revolutions even when they belong to the highest layers of society.

Their inner despair makes them vulnerable to being attuned and turned in this direction, while they don’t even understand what is happening to them. They explain this by a thousand of other reasons, such as the search for justice in society, as if they actually needed it. In reality, they don’t even know what this concept means because a just approach would make their lives even worse than they are today. They’re not looking for justice.

If we examine the serious, inner reasons, from the standpoint of the will to enjoy which we research along its entire depth, then the reason for the protests lies in the fact that there is no tomorrow! And this feeling reigns in the whole world. There is nothing that can be done about the situation unless we give people the light of hope for the future, which can come from just one source – the science of Kabbalah.
From the lesson on 8/12/11, The Zohar

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