Spiritual Education For The People Of Israel

laitman_938_03Today, we are shouting to the world, “Give us freedom. Leave us alone. Why are you coming to us with boycotts? Why are we hated by all the international organizations? We want to be like everyone else.”

Apparently, the world answers, “No, you are not like everyone else. We cannot relate to you like everyone else.”

We are proud that we warned the Palestinian population in advance about the Israeli Air Force attacks, while they, on the other hand, shoot at us whenever they feel like it, without warning. Why doesn’t the entire world condemn them the way it condemns us? Because, subconsciously they understand our uniqueness!

It could be that humanity is passing through hatred, without full awareness, but in principle, such an approach is real and legitimate.

Question: What do we need to do now when the clouds are gathering around us again?

Answer: What is imperative is a very large wave of education that will cover all of the people of Israel. We need to explain to people what we are, who we are, where we were created, why everyone hates us, and so on.

They must understand the core, the nucleus, of their creation and the purpose of their existence. No one in Israel knows why he exists as a Jew, and why the people of Israel and the State of Israel exist.

Look at what is happening in the government and on all levels! We need to introduce the integral method in society. Otherwise, this is not a people and not a government; it is no one and nothing.

In other nations there is an instinctive aim: we need to live, to work, and to exist together. Nothing is required of them besides survival in the circumstances they are found in.

There are no complaints regarding them from higher nature, whereas for us, on the contrary, nature surrounds us strongly. We are at the center of all of the rest of the nations, and they are all like wolves snarling and baring their teeth at us. In the meantime, the unique force of nature holds and reins them in so that we ultimately will reorganize, and if we don’t do this, the wolves will be released from their chains.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/14/15

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