Creating One Common Desire

laitman_571_02The Torah, “Numbers” 10:1 – 10:3: The Lord spoke to Moses saying: Make yourself two silver trumpets; you shall make them [from a] beaten [form]; they shall be used by you to summon the congregation and to announce the departure of the camps. When they blow on them, the entire congregation shall assemble to you, at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting.

Gold is a desire to receive, and silver is a desire to bestow. Therefore, the sound of the silver trumpets that calls for connection is right for the people.

Blowing the trumpet means assembling all of a person’s attributes and uniting them. The problem is not in correcting one attribute or another, but in connecting them. The main thing is connecting them into one schema, into one unified desire.

Can you imagine trying to assemble and put together a human body according to the cells, the atoms, and even according to the DNA and RNA and so forth, an endless amount of mutual connections and their mutual work? It is impossible to create such a system!

We, on the other hand, must do it. We must create living matter out of our dead desires, out of the inanimate matter, in the same way that it happened billions of years ago before the evolutionary process began when the vegetative level emerged from the level of the still nature and then the animate level and then man. We must gather all that and tie it together so that a living desire will emerge, one that can be in the Temple, which means in some contact with the Creator in resembling and being equal to Him.

Question: Why is it written, “Make yourself two silver trumpets; you shall make them [from a] beaten [form]…”

Answer: There must be one desire that is unique and united, especially if it is given from above. We have no right to break it apart. The Creator is one, and therefore, everything that stems and descends from Him is given as one to everyone.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/4/15

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