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Uniting The World Has Turned Into A Sad Holiday

laitman_426Opinion ( “It was exactly 70 years ago that the UN protocol was signed by representatives from 50 countries. Where has the UN that was established by the victorious superpowers in order to prevent wars deteriorated to? Does the UN have a future?

“The 70th anniversary of the UN is a sad holiday; there aren’t any evident effects of its actions. The UN is depicted as a universal means that serves as a platform for its members to express themselves. In addition, what is the essence of the final decisions made by this organization? The UN work has become a routine of debates and discussions and the speaker’s stand at the UN is now perceived as an opportunity for self-expression and not for a means of unity. In fact the UN has never managed to reach an agreement in crucial historical moments. No one is going to abolish the UN as a platform for negotiations; it isn’t the UN’s fault; the world has simply changed…”

My Comment: There are fools who are like children playing smart adult games without understanding that they don’t change their egoistic nature or don’t even intend to change it, and thus initiate events that are doomed to fail. The same thing will happen with the EU market. They didn’t think about uniting the nations, people, and cultures, or about national unity. They only think about getting rich and becoming stronger than the Americans and Russians. Eventually they will also disintegrate, just like the UN. The great Kabbalist, Baal HaSulam wrote about the establishment of the Soviet Union and said that if people want to unite without first working on correcting human nature, they will only achieve destruction, which is what happened to the Soviet Union, the UN, and the EU, so who is next?

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Imaginary And True Freedom, Part 3 – Absolute Freedom

laitman_596Question: Where is evolution leading us?

Answer: Evolution is leading us toward the realization that we are not free at all.

If we didn’t have an imaginary sensation of freedom, we could not develop and we wouldn’t want to live. However, this illusion always arouses excitement and grants us some kind of hope for the future.

A need to be free exists in us, but this is an egoistic need for egoistic freedom. To the same degree that the ego develops, a person always feels himself lacking, flawed, not free. This is the dynamics of the development of our ego, which establishes wider and wider frameworks for itself.

On the other hand, we deliberately insert ourselves into new frameworks because we don’t feel comfortable without them. Every person wants to have particular connections with the environment that surrounds him, with society, and this already indicates that he is not free. And nothing is done here; we are constantly playing at things like this.

Absolute freedom is summed up in ascent above our present nature. If we rise above the ego, then it can no longer require us to put ourselves in the frameworks of its fulfillment. When we rise above the ego, we go into another space where we are not found under the control of our nature; rather, we are included in another, higher nature. And this state is determined by us as full freedom.

We feel it when we acquire the characteristic of bestowal and love for others, not for ourselves, and we begin to implement this property and then we feel free from our personal ego, personal demands and limitations. When we go out to this level and do everything with an intention for the sake of bestowal, we become truly free.

Certainly it is possible to be doubtful: “What kind of freedom is this, doesn’t love for others enslave us like a mother who perpetually revolves around her infant?” On one hand, this is correct. But on the other hand, from this relationship towards others, we get unlimited amounts of energy, positive sensations, the discovery of completely new spaces and worlds.

And this is a freedom that is connected to love, with participation and going out of myself, going out of my small and closed egoistic world, and I am included in the general, eternal, and unlimited world. All of my feelings and thoughts go outside of me now.

Instead of “internally” absorbing everything into myself, I work in an “outer” direction and truly feel myself as absolutely free.
To be continued….
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/11/15

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Back To Nature

Laitman_707Question: Over the last couple of years the tendency to return to nature has become very popular, including consuming fewer modern, artificial things. This pertains to medicine as well, where naturopathy and homeopathy are gaining popularity over traditional treatment with chemical drugs.

People prefer natural products without chemical fertilizers, natural birth without using pain medication. Why is it that more and more people feel a need to go back to nature?

Answer: In the past, people received food and medicinal resources from the environment, using various plants, animals, and natural gifts from the forest. And today too there are people who know how to use these things. People were closer to nature, which was not as polluted as today.

Before we invented the combustion engine, which works with diesel or gas, we did not poison the environment. Our food was free of chemicals because they were natural. People ate chicken and fish raised in natural conditions. But in recent years the situation has changed drastically.

In the past, doctors used natural medicines. Once while traveling through Canada, I visited an old village, maintained as a museum-reservation. And there was a point of interest: a village doctor’s home. And around it agricultural lands, where he grew medicinal plants, which he dried in the house.

It was evident that it was a real production. Usually a doctor was a very wealthy person because he was needed by everyone. And the doctor truly knew how to cure. Otherwise no one would call on him. Each village had its own infirmary run by those who had the knowledge and the profession was passed from one generation to the next. All medicines were taken from nature.

We see that animals cure themselves with plants. As a dog owner takes his dog outside, the dog immediately begins to search for plants to consume. It feels what plant is necessary for its body. Similarly, our bodies are also animals, and it is a true pity that we have become so distant from natural medicinal methods.

However, a modern person does not know how to treat himself with plants. And it’s impossible to imagine all the inhabitants of a city with a population of many millions would travel to a forest in search of medicinal plants for their treatment.

Certainly the technological process cannot be reversed. However, after all our hopes for the associated prosperity and happy future, we suddenly begin to doubt that this development has been to our benefit. We see many negative consequences, although we try to ignore them or think they are inevitable.

Our entire development (in technology, medicine, family life, education, etc.) has passed a certain peak, and although we assumed that we would only rise higher and higher, we began to decline. We do not maintain balance by moving in the middle line, but instead we lean to one side and lost our balance.

Perhaps we need to rethink our attitude and choose the middle line so that we don’t throw away the natural methods of treatment and completely switch to chemicals.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/30/15

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Cohens And Levites – Properties Of Pure Bestowal

laitman_624_03_0The Torah, “Numbers” 8:9 – 8:10: … and you shall gather the entire congregation of the children of Israel. You shall bring the Levites before the Lord, and the children of Israel shall lay their hands upon the Levites.

“Hands” stand for the receiving properties. If the people join the Levites, the latter become able to receive for the sake of further transferring what they receive to the people. However, if people do not join the Levites, they don’t acquire a receiving vessel because in this case the Levites have no capacity into which they can receive, meaning they have no Kli for the Light to enter. Therefore the Levites are concerned about having the people of Israel approach them. In this case, they fulfill their mission.

It is said that Cohens (Cohanim – priests) and Levites do not have an allotment (a share) of their own. Their share is solely in the spiritual world. You can say that Bina is their home. Therefore, Cohens and Levites stand for the human properties that are of a purely bestowing nature.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/4/15

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Mortal World And The Eternal Soul

laitman_744Question: What advice will help an ordinary person overcome the fear of death?

Answer: A person must overcome the fear of death as he does in everyday life, by seemingly forgetting about this thought. But he still constantly compares himself people of other age groups, thus seeing himself as older than he really is. He has infinite accounts with his end, and there is nothing he can do about it.The only thing that can help him is to ascend to the level of bestowal where he begins to discover his next level of existence and rises to a new dimension. The old dimension, however, which is based only on the temporary biological existence of matter, will disappear. If a person reaches the next state, nothing ties him down to this world any longer since now death isn’t special anymore but simply a byproduct.

Question: Won’t there be death in the future?

Answer: Every person, and gradually all of humanity, will reach the upper level of the mortal world and an eternal soul. The biological death of the corporeal body remains, but the spiritual body we acquire is eternal because it is in the desire to bestow, outside of one’s self. A person feels all the transformations not inside himself but by going through others, and therefore, being in absolute bestowal, he has no basis that can die. By giving to others, everyone feels his life in others and not inside himself.

There is no matter or essence that needs to die in the spiritual world because you continuously acquire more and more new vessels in which you feel your existence, your life. However, they are not yours. Once you fill them, you fill them as if they were yours. When you do something for your small child, for example, you feel that life is much greater than if you did something for your own sake. Therefore, the feeling of your own body gradually fades, grows further away, and takes place in the feeling of life in others.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 6/17/15

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