Imaginary And True Freedom, Part 3 – Absolute Freedom

laitman_596Question: Where is evolution leading us?

Answer: Evolution is leading us toward the realization that we are not free at all.

If we didn’t have an imaginary sensation of freedom, we could not develop and we wouldn’t want to live. However, this illusion always arouses excitement and grants us some kind of hope for the future.

A need to be free exists in us, but this is an egoistic need for egoistic freedom. To the same degree that the ego develops, a person always feels himself lacking, flawed, not free. This is the dynamics of the development of our ego, which establishes wider and wider frameworks for itself.

On the other hand, we deliberately insert ourselves into new frameworks because we don’t feel comfortable without them. Every person wants to have particular connections with the environment that surrounds him, with society, and this already indicates that he is not free. And nothing is done here; we are constantly playing at things like this.

Absolute freedom is summed up in ascent above our present nature. If we rise above the ego, then it can no longer require us to put ourselves in the frameworks of its fulfillment. When we rise above the ego, we go into another space where we are not found under the control of our nature; rather, we are included in another, higher nature. And this state is determined by us as full freedom.

We feel it when we acquire the characteristic of bestowal and love for others, not for ourselves, and we begin to implement this property and then we feel free from our personal ego, personal demands and limitations. When we go out to this level and do everything with an intention for the sake of bestowal, we become truly free.

Certainly it is possible to be doubtful: “What kind of freedom is this, doesn’t love for others enslave us like a mother who perpetually revolves around her infant?” On one hand, this is correct. But on the other hand, from this relationship towards others, we get unlimited amounts of energy, positive sensations, the discovery of completely new spaces and worlds.

And this is a freedom that is connected to love, with participation and going out of myself, going out of my small and closed egoistic world, and I am included in the general, eternal, and unlimited world. All of my feelings and thoughts go outside of me now.

Instead of “internally” absorbing everything into myself, I work in an “outer” direction and truly feel myself as absolutely free.
To be continued….
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/11/15

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