Uniting The World Has Turned Into A Sad Holiday

laitman_426Opinion (km.ru): “It was exactly 70 years ago that the UN protocol was signed by representatives from 50 countries. Where has the UN that was established by the victorious superpowers in order to prevent wars deteriorated to? Does the UN have a future?

“The 70th anniversary of the UN is a sad holiday; there aren’t any evident effects of its actions. The UN is depicted as a universal means that serves as a platform for its members to express themselves. In addition, what is the essence of the final decisions made by this organization? The UN work has become a routine of debates and discussions and the speaker’s stand at the UN is now perceived as an opportunity for self-expression and not for a means of unity. In fact the UN has never managed to reach an agreement in crucial historical moments. No one is going to abolish the UN as a platform for negotiations; it isn’t the UN’s fault; the world has simply changed…”

My Comment: There are fools who are like children playing smart adult games without understanding that they don’t change their egoistic nature or don’t even intend to change it, and thus initiate events that are doomed to fail. The same thing will happen with the EU market. They didn’t think about uniting the nations, people, and cultures, or about national unity. They only think about getting rich and becoming stronger than the Americans and Russians. Eventually they will also disintegrate, just like the UN. The great Kabbalist, Baal HaSulam wrote about the establishment of the Soviet Union and said that if people want to unite without first working on correcting human nature, they will only achieve destruction, which is what happened to the Soviet Union, the UN, and the EU, so who is next?

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