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Creating A People From A Collection Of Exiles

laitman_749_01As of now, the departure of the Jews from the Diaspora has ended. In fact they have returned to their nation. But is it possible to call them a people? This is a collection of exiles (Kibbutz Galuyot), a collection of fragments and no more than this. They don’t even stick together.

Question: But it is also a spiritual process, otherwise would we ever be able to return to the land of Israel?

Answer: Certainly, everything is managed by forces that push each one of us and all of us together towards a particular goal. This is collective global behavior.

Question: So what changed regarding our people after returning to our land?

Answer: Nothing. An opportunity was given to us to create a single united people from ourselves as it was in the time of Abraham, which is what the Kabbalists call for us to do. And all the rest depends on us; it is up to us to understand the mission and the possibility of realizing it among the people whom we must succeed in bringing to unification.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/23/15

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Experiments With Basic Income

laitman_626In the News ( “Holland will begin a social experiment: A few dozen people will regularly receive a monetary stipend that doesn’t depend on their activities. The payments will be made by the nation or some other institution.

“The payments will be paid to everyone without exception, regardless of the level of income, without the need of performing work. Even in the year 1795, Thomas Paine described in his book Agrarian Justice an essential income to be paid by the authorities to every person above the age of 21.

“The experiment must refute the critics; it is possible that receiving an unconditional income will reduce excessive pressure on people, will make people happier, but will not eliminate the desire to search for work. Similar activities will make it possible for men to get better education, and for women to take long vacations to take care of children.

“In Canada, a similar experiment did not show a significant descent in the labor market, but did show a significant rise in the quality of education, training and health. In Namibia, experiments were conducted for two years, which led to a reduction in poverty, a rise in active effort, decreased crime, improvement in school attendance and the health of children related to proper nutrition. In India, as a result of an experiment like this in the year 2010, there was an increase in economic activity, improvement in the housing situation and sanitary conditions, food, the health of people and school attendance. In general, the experiments have shown a positive influence.”

My Comment: The world will come to the fact that everyone will be paid mandatory allowances on condition that everyone will attend re-education courses.

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Long Way To The Temple, Part 1

laitman_742_03The Story Begins With Adam

Question: The ninth of Av (Tisha B’Av) is a special day of mourning. On this day, the destructions of the first and second temples took place, as well as many other tragic events in the history of the Jewish people.

However, nowadays, secular people do not pay much attention to this day. What is the importance of the day, and how does it relate to our lives today?

Answer: I think the reason our contemporaries in Israel don’t know about the ninth of Av is that they do not associate themselves with their history.

Young people think, “Well, once upon a time, there was a temple, but since then, two thousand years have passed. It has nothing to do with my life now. Why should I return again and again to the same story? Other nations do not care about what happened to them thousands of years ago.”

Really, there were many important events in ancient Rome, Greece, and Germany, but people who now live in these countries do not commemorate them. Similarly, the younger generation of Israel does not give any value to the ninth of Av.

Yet, by all means, they would re-evaluate their attitude if they knew that Jewish holidays are not related to historic events. Our history reflects what happens in nature. It is nature that engraves humanity’s advancement on the calendar.

We think that history began 14 billion years ago at the time when the universe emerged, or 4 ½ billion years ago when planet Earth appeared in the solar system. We easily can skip a prehistoric period that preceded the appearance of humanity, such as the Mesozoic or Paleozoic. The history of humanity can be calculated from the appearance of the “first man” Adam.

Adam was not a primeval man who showed up as a result of the evolution of monkeys who came down the trees hundreds of thousands of years ago as archaeological excavations show. The first man Adam lived 5775 years ago. He was the first one who disclosed the system that governs this world.

On one hand, this discovery became possible because of a great desire he had. On the other hand, this discovery was predetermined from above. So Adam revealed the system of the higher governance and began exploring the world. He launched a school of his own and was followed by disciples who later continued his research.

These events are described in the Torah, in Josephus’s (Flavius) writings, and in many other sources. Adam was the first who disclosed the upper governing system called the Creator, the system of the higher power that controls all of nature.

There is no need to visualize this power as divine, spiritual images. It’s just one general superior power that includes a plurality of forces. This power is informative and sensate. It supports all of nature. It is the power of higher governance.

Adam was the first one who disclosed this power. This explains why he is called the First Man. Numerous people lived before him. Many generations elapsed before his birth. He was born of a father and mother like everyone else.

Adam wrote the book, The Angel Raziel (Raziel Hamalaach), which is available nowadays. He had many disciples. The Torah colorfully describes the events that happened to Adam’s students. One of Adam’s disciples, Noah, was saved from the flood on the ark that arrived at Mount Ararat.

Until now, people are looking for the remains of the ark and shoot Hollywood movies about these events. Adam and Noah deserve a good compensation for providing great scenarios for popular movies.

Adam’s discovery was transferred from student to student, from generation to generation. Each of his followers started a school of their own. This is how humanity grew and eventually came to the state of Ancient Babylon.
To be continued.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/5/15

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