Experiments With Basic Income

laitman_626In the News (facto.ru): “Holland will begin a social experiment: A few dozen people will regularly receive a monetary stipend that doesn’t depend on their activities. The payments will be made by the nation or some other institution.

“The payments will be paid to everyone without exception, regardless of the level of income, without the need of performing work. Even in the year 1795, Thomas Paine described in his book Agrarian Justice an essential income to be paid by the authorities to every person above the age of 21.

“The experiment must refute the critics; it is possible that receiving an unconditional income will reduce excessive pressure on people, will make people happier, but will not eliminate the desire to search for work. Similar activities will make it possible for men to get better education, and for women to take long vacations to take care of children.

“In Canada, a similar experiment did not show a significant descent in the labor market, but did show a significant rise in the quality of education, training and health. In Namibia, experiments were conducted for two years, which led to a reduction in poverty, a rise in active effort, decreased crime, improvement in school attendance and the health of children related to proper nutrition. In India, as a result of an experiment like this in the year 2010, there was an increase in economic activity, improvement in the housing situation and sanitary conditions, food, the health of people and school attendance. In general, the experiments have shown a positive influence.”

My Comment: The world will come to the fact that everyone will be paid mandatory allowances on condition that everyone will attend re-education courses.

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