Walls And Moats Around The World …

Laitman_115_05In the News (from KM.ru): “The world is digging trenches, breaking down into regions, bristling with watch towers. The wall, designed to stop the invasion of the Altai armored cavalry from Russia, is being built by the Ukraine. Trenches are being dug on the border with Transnistria. Turkmenistan is building a wall along the border with Afghanistan to protect against ISIS and the Taliban.

“Iran thinks to fence itself off from Afghanistan and Pakistan for similar reasons. Saudi Arabia is building a giant wall on the border with Iraq and Yemen, fleeing from the infiltration of terrorists. Egypt is digging a trench, separating itself from Gaza. Israel has everything already built.

“All of this is similar to the symptoms of the collapsing of the project of globalization. The degeneration of modern international institutions: the UN, EU, IMF, WTO, etc. also points to this disease. The war of sanctions against Russia is raging. Soon we will forget what the term ‘globalization’ once meant.”

My Comment: Why is it so? Because the project of globalization was conceived egoistically, for profit, not for everyone’s joy. And until this goal is manifested as the main one, we will continue to roll down.

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