We Must Hurry!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is anti-Semitism growing all over the world?

Answer: It is in order to push you and bring you closer to the goal. This is apparently necessary in order to awaken Israel to correction. What can we do if we don’t awaken any other way?

According to the general plan, we have now come to a state that we have to correct in order to ascend to the next level. But we are not doing this, and therefore it is necessary to spur us by pressures. It is because this is the only way the desire to receive understands.

If you wave a carrot in front of a person trying to tempt him, he will run and his egoistic desire to receive will grow. But then, having a big ego, he will not want to correct himself if he refused to do so when he had a small desire. If life were beautiful and wonderful all over the world, people wouldn’t want to think about anything but corporeal comfort.

It turns out that there is no other choice but to be pressured. This stems from the adaptation between the Lights and the vessels and not because someone Above has decided to punish us. If we are influenced by the lack of Light, don’t correct this lack and don’t take care of it properly, this lack of Light keeps growing. Then it increasingly accumulates until it explodes in the form of a pogrom or a holocaust.

These are the laws of nature that are only fulfilled in ways such as through Nazis and others that emerge throughout the world. They don’t determine or decide anything by themselves. Everything comes from Above as a result of the lack of adaptation between the Lights and the vessels.

After such a blow, the nation that should have already advanced and disseminated the wisdom of Kabbalah, which means the method of correction, reaches a peaceful period. It is because those certain vessels are gone now since they all died, and so there is a certain limited period of peace. But at what cost! The pressure between the Lights and the vessels forces us to perform the correction in some way, and if we don’t advance along the path of Achishena (hastening time) then it is along the path of “in its time – Beito” (the path of suffering).

Don’t delude yourselves that we are in a better situation today than we were before. Then we had a place to run to and now there will be nowhere to run and the whole world will be like this. Anti-Semitism is growing all over the world and it is because we are not advancing and are lagging behind in our corrections.

If we see how evil increases each day, it is a sign that we are not doing our job each day.

Question: What else should we do so that anti-Semitism will disappear?

Answer: We must go out to the public even more actively and explain and gather people around the idea of mutual guarantee, which is the condition for reaching “love thy friend as thyself” by the Light that Reforms.

In the meantime, however, we don’t manage to advance in the necessary speed according to the timeline. This is the reason that our debt keeps growing every day. No matter how much you profit, your debt to the bank only grows. What should we do if our profit isn’t enough and we don’t have enough time? This is a great problem. We must hurry!
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/26/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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