Unemotional, Systematic View Of Anti- Semitism

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhatever happens to humanity is a result of the collision between two forces: the force of bestowal and the force of receiving. There is nothing but these two forces. So it is useless to fight anti–Semitism directly, since it is clearly a natural phenomenon. It stems from the shattering of the vessels, as a result of which sparks of bestowal penetrated the desires to receive and are now opposed to one another, and so this hatred has to exist.

It was revealed even before the shattering of the vessels, but not to such an extent. History and the system of upper forces show us this in the confrontation between Jacob and Esau, the confrontation between Balaam and Balak and the Israeli nation. It is clear that this phenomenon is above nature, which means that its root precedes the creation itself.

There are two forces: the Creator and a created being, “something from something” and “something from nothing.” The force “something from something” has already awoken in some people, a spark of the Creator, and so they are hated by other people (the vessels/desires) in which there is no such force.

There is nothing to blame or to justify them for; it is simply a natural phenomenon that we should accept, just like a sunset. So there is no logical solution to it; there are many Jewish organizations that fight anti-Semitism, but it doesn’t help. After all, how is it possible to fight a natural phenomenon? It was created before us, from the contrast between two forces and it comes from Above, spreading into the world this way.

As long as the group that carries the sparks of bestowal doesn’t fulfill them, it will be hated by everyone else. It is because it is like a thorn among everyone else, alien and strange. If the Israeli nation wants to resemble the other nations externally, nothing will help. This inner spark, the Reshimo (spiritual gene), doesn’t disappear, and so it can always be identified in those who have it.

When they went to exile, to live in other countries, the Jews usually tried to resemble those around them, but it should be the other way around. They will not achieve anything by trying to resemble the others. On the contrary, by that they will ignite even greater hatred towards them. The hate will disappear only if they correct themselves when they reach the state Baal HaSulam calls “altruistic communism,” which means achieving a corrected form of society. Thus they will serve as a model for all the other nations who, in the meantime, are sinking deeper into the general global crisis for which there is no solution.

This is the mission of those who carry the sparks of bestowal. It isn’t only those who clearly belong to the Jewish nation by birth. As a result of the integration of the desires during the shattering, the sparks of bestowal penetrated everyone, but in some of the people they are revealed more openly and in others less. Eventually, these sparks will awaken and be discovered in everyone, since all of humanity needs to reach correction, regardless of race or color: black, white, red, or yellow.

Any person in whom this spark is lit is attracted to the revelation of the goal of creation, which means to be in contact with the Creator. It is in this connection that the secret of life and of Creation is revealed. If we follow the call of this spark and establish the connection between us in order to be one whole, then it is expressed in the world in the form of altruistic communism, as each one has a standard of living that is equal to others and everyone is connected.

On the corporeal level, people will only worry about the basic necessities, and we will direct all our other forces to connection and to spiritual ascent. Thus we will be able to show everyone else that the solution for the crisis is in equality.

Equality is not in being like all the other nations in their current form, as the sparks of bestowal are trying to adapt themselves to the needs of the egoistic desires into which they have fallen. On the contrary, we have to correct ourselves before all the nations and then draw everyone to the spiritual level.

Only in this way will we be able to correct all the hatred that divides our vessels. We need a systematic perspective of this problem and not an emotional one. It is a very important question since here in this world we cannot see the whole revelation of the shattering and understand what has to be done in order to correct them.

It is a waste of time and energy spent senselessly. We have to understand that the choice is in our hands, and the correction depends on us, on all those in whom the sparks of bestowal have lit up. All the others, who belong to the nations of the world, are not to blame that the force of the shattering speaks from them. It is only us who are the reason for the whole crisis since we don’t hurry to perform the correction. Let’s hope that we will be able to correct all this quickly.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/27/12

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