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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Will the division into internal and external parts, between “Israel” and the “nations of the world” be kept when the whole world reaches the end of correction?

Answer: No. The letters of the Hebrew word “Israel” stand for Li Rosh (I have a head). This is the order of the general correction—the one who is evoked and is given a special desire is called “Israel,” and he must take care of the whole world serving as the link between the Creator and the created beings. It isn’t an ordinary desire since the “point in the heart” manages it by the connection with the Creator. The attribute of bestowal was inserted into this desire, the posterior of Nefesh of Holiness. This is the meaning of the “Israel,” Yashar – El (straight to the Creator). It isn’t about certain people, but rather about a special type of desire that is connected to the Creator since it has the discernment of what bestowal is. Although it is concealed and shattered, it still exists.

How can the desires in which this spark, this discernment of bestowal, doesn’t exist be corrected? It is possible if they add Israel as their “head;” if the two parts connect and work together.

The whole world is the essence of the desire to receive that must be corrected. But it can only do it through connection with another desire in which there is a spark of bestowal. Therefore the “nations of the world” are not required to correct themselves. On the other hand, they feel sorrow and pain since “Israel” doesn’t correct them.

This is where the hatred that the world feels towards Israel stems from. Of course, no one perceives it, but subconsciously, according to their nature, these people feel it and express their claims openly.

The correction is the role of those who belong to “Israel.” They have to correct their attitude towards the nations of the world as soon as possible. Actually, there is nothing to correct in “Israel” themselves, except for the part of the “nations of the world” in them. If “Israel” process these desires in them correctly, they will understand how to treat others. Speaking in Kabbalistic terms AHP de Bina explains to Bina how it should treat ZON.

Thus we must first correct “the nations of the world” in us, our external part, which will allow us to connect with the internal part of the world. This is the order of correction. It is our duty, and if we don’t make efforts to carry it out as soon as possible, troubles are soon to come. The time has come, and the nations of the world will begin to pressure us since the mutual inclusion that was created as a result of the exile allows them to feel that Israel owe them.

It says: “Why was it called Mt. Sinai? Since the hatred of the nations of the world descended from it.” “Since Israel received the method of correction. So where do all our troubles come from? From Israel, since they do not fulfill what they have received.” The Torah, the method, obliges us immediately, while the upper force manages the nations of the world, and so their hate is justified.

But we are advancing “against the current,” hoping that the troubles will go away by themselves without correction on our part. It’s nonsense. After all, we are dealing with the force that evokes the correction. We mustn’t even ask or pray that the hatred that nations of the world feel towards us will disappear from the world; we should only exert ourselves so that it will be corrected. Here too, it isn’t because it’s an unpleasant phenomenon, but on the contrary, we have to be thankful for it since it evokes us to turn to the Creator.

So it’s an oxymoron.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/05/12,“The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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