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Laitman_707Question: Over the last couple of years the tendency to return to nature has become very popular, including consuming fewer modern, artificial things. This pertains to medicine as well, where naturopathy and homeopathy are gaining popularity over traditional treatment with chemical drugs.

People prefer natural products without chemical fertilizers, natural birth without using pain medication. Why is it that more and more people feel a need to go back to nature?

Answer: In the past, people received food and medicinal resources from the environment, using various plants, animals, and natural gifts from the forest. And today too there are people who know how to use these things. People were closer to nature, which was not as polluted as today.

Before we invented the combustion engine, which works with diesel or gas, we did not poison the environment. Our food was free of chemicals because they were natural. People ate chicken and fish raised in natural conditions. But in recent years the situation has changed drastically.

In the past, doctors used natural medicines. Once while traveling through Canada, I visited an old village, maintained as a museum-reservation. And there was a point of interest: a village doctor’s home. And around it agricultural lands, where he grew medicinal plants, which he dried in the house.

It was evident that it was a real production. Usually a doctor was a very wealthy person because he was needed by everyone. And the doctor truly knew how to cure. Otherwise no one would call on him. Each village had its own infirmary run by those who had the knowledge and the profession was passed from one generation to the next. All medicines were taken from nature.

We see that animals cure themselves with plants. As a dog owner takes his dog outside, the dog immediately begins to search for plants to consume. It feels what plant is necessary for its body. Similarly, our bodies are also animals, and it is a true pity that we have become so distant from natural medicinal methods.

However, a modern person does not know how to treat himself with plants. And it’s impossible to imagine all the inhabitants of a city with a population of many millions would travel to a forest in search of medicinal plants for their treatment.

Certainly the technological process cannot be reversed. However, after all our hopes for the associated prosperity and happy future, we suddenly begin to doubt that this development has been to our benefit. We see many negative consequences, although we try to ignore them or think they are inevitable.

Our entire development (in technology, medicine, family life, education, etc.) has passed a certain peak, and although we assumed that we would only rise higher and higher, we began to decline. We do not maintain balance by moving in the middle line, but instead we lean to one side and lost our balance.

Perhaps we need to rethink our attitude and choose the middle line so that we don’t throw away the natural methods of treatment and completely switch to chemicals.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/30/15

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