The True Jewish Medicine

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Throughout the process of human development, various types of medicine have appeared: for example, 3000 years old Chinese medicine—acupuncture, reflexology, herbal medicine, and so forth. Ayurveda is 3500 years old—aromatherapy, yoga, and the Chakra system. The Jewish people have existed more than 5000 years. What is their contribution to the development of health?

Answer: It is the wisdom of Kabbalah. It maintains a person’s balance with nature. And there are no drugs, massages, needles, candles, or fragrances. I’m not belittling anything, but simply saying that they have a secondary mechanical impact, although there is also a psychological significance in this.

It is known that, in Talmudic medicine, all kinds of biological substances are used. But true Jewish medicine in itself is just an inner preparation directed towards the balance of the human being within us, not towards the beast, but specifically the human within us, towards the balance of my ego with nature, its correction. Kabbalah says that every time I discover the ego within me, I must be in an inner movement to balance it, meaning to correct it.

It goes up and down like a buoy on the water, and I am concerned all the time about correcting it. And, in this manner, I reach an ideal, absolute health.

But this involves an entire system of educational work which the ancient Jews conducted through extensive education and upbringing. There was never anyone among them who didn’t know how to read and write or wasn’t familiar with the system of his organism, the system of the world around him, his interaction with society and the surrounding world. All the laws described in the Talmud and in other ancient books were accepted afterwards throughout the world through the Greeks and Romans. All of these are the external manifestations of what was practiced among the Jews.

But I stress again that all of medicine is built on the balance of my egoistic “self” with altruistic nature, which is to say, on the inner correction of my “Self.”

Therefore, “love your neighbor as yourself” is the essential law of physical, spiritual, external, and internal health.
From KabTV’s “The Medicine of the Future” 4/7/13

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