Why Do I Need A Doctor?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Despite the fact that today a doctor earns a lot of money, he is not happy. He attends to many patients and all this is done mechanically. At the end of the day, he is comes home worn out, drinks, smokes, and does everything to calm down.

A patient also is not happy because he cannot get the proper attention and health treatment. No one is satisfied like it was, for instance, in ancient China, where a doctor was pleased by seeing a healthy person in front of him.

But if we can show the doctor that integral education is aimed at changing the health care system, that this may help make his work more pleasant, and he will be able to enjoy it, then perhaps, he might be interested.

Answer: I do not think it’s a strong argument to change the entire health care system, especially since there are influential people who have created this system on purpose, and they are satisfied with it.

This is why the crisis must be manifested here. It will break them and force them to change the system, to change their ways of thinking, their view of reality; otherwise, nothing will work. It is possible to try to change the system from below, but to do this, you need to change a human being.

You refer to Chinese medicine, but they are different people on a different level of egoistic development.

To make a person interconnect with society and help the medical staff connect between themselves in order to get rid of unnecessary harmful drugs and totally useless checkups and research, in order to let a doctor be involved with a patient, think about him instead of how to attend to forty patients per shift like a multi-machine operator, to do that we need completely different relations between people. For this you need to change a person!

You cannot put a modern egoistic person in these conditions; he just doesn’t see other people. After all, when you see a doctor, he does not even look at you. He looks in the computer, checks blood pressure, and that is all.

Chinese medicine is a relationship with a person. And here, it is a “relationship” with blood pressure, pulse, and a couple of tests that can be entered into a computer, which then will give the doctor a solution of what to do with the patient. It turns out that the doctor is practically not needed here.
From KabTV’s “The Medicine of the Future” 4/7/13

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