Ascending Thanks To Our Humility

Dr. Michael LaitmanWith the help of the environment one should try not to forget that we are specifically making inner corrections. Throughout the entire way, a person perceives his own wretchedness more and more. As it is said, “Where you perceive His greatness, there you perceive His humility.” These two polar opposites are connected and depend upon each other: The higher Keter, the lower Malchut is.

Thus with our point we descend to minus Infinity and with the characteristic of bestowal, with the Reflected Light, we reach plus Infinity. All of our work is in this.

Therefore, we require very strong support from the environment; otherwise, the person is not prepared to descend at all, to shame or to lower himself, to trample on his pride. Even if he wanted, he cannot do this since his entire nature opposes this. This is because he doesn’t have both types of nature in him, only one.

Therefore, there is a great need of an environment that will support you in the goal, of learning in your group that will attract the Light to give you the power to endure blows to your ego, pride, and the desire to control and be the master of every state. In this way you will finally reach adherence with the upper one.

There is no going back, only going towards humility and correction of the ego, bringing us to bestowal and holiness. This correction always happens from within, not through external actions or words.

In order to hasten our development, it is important to pay attention to what you associate your ascents and descents. A descent is suffering from your wounded pride, while an ascent is the feeling of adherence with the Creator. These are determined not by your mood or by something else, but exist only in relation to your pride, narcissism, control, the feeling that you act, decide, and understand on your own. It is specifically here that you feel the blows and descents. You feel that you cannot handle your state or control your life.

And you determine your ascent according to how much you are ready to annul yourself and to find new opportunities for self-abnegation. And a real miracle happens here: From Above you are shown how to annul yourself and how by this all problems and difficulties disappear immediately. This is the next stage of the work, which we must learn from experiencing descents and ascents.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/13

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