Mortal World And The Eternal Soul

laitman_744Question: What advice will help an ordinary person overcome the fear of death?

Answer: A person must overcome the fear of death as he does in everyday life, by seemingly forgetting about this thought. But he still constantly compares himself people of other age groups, thus seeing himself as older than he really is. He has infinite accounts with his end, and there is nothing he can do about it.The only thing that can help him is to ascend to the level of bestowal where he begins to discover his next level of existence and rises to a new dimension. The old dimension, however, which is based only on the temporary biological existence of matter, will disappear. If a person reaches the next state, nothing ties him down to this world any longer since now death isn’t special anymore but simply a byproduct.

Question: Won’t there be death in the future?

Answer: Every person, and gradually all of humanity, will reach the upper level of the mortal world and an eternal soul. The biological death of the corporeal body remains, but the spiritual body we acquire is eternal because it is in the desire to bestow, outside of one’s self. A person feels all the transformations not inside himself but by going through others, and therefore, being in absolute bestowal, he has no basis that can die. By giving to others, everyone feels his life in others and not inside himself.

There is no matter or essence that needs to die in the spiritual world because you continuously acquire more and more new vessels in which you feel your existence, your life. However, they are not yours. Once you fill them, you fill them as if they were yours. When you do something for your small child, for example, you feel that life is much greater than if you did something for your own sake. Therefore, the feeling of your own body gradually fades, grows further away, and takes place in the feeling of life in others.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 6/17/15

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