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How To Uncover The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to reveal the higher force, to uncover its intention, to reveal where it is leading me, and to uncover what it wants?

Answer: Ramchal (Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, a great Kabbalist who lived in the 18th century in Italy), wrote that the wisdom of Kabbalah is intended only in order to learn the governance and purpose of the higher desire: why the Creator made all of these creations, what He wants from them, and what will be the end of all the incarnations of the world.

You shall know everything in terms of what happens in your body, in your thoughts, desires, in the mind and in the heart, everything that is happening in the world and where it leads. I am talking about a high attainment when you are on the same level as the upper force, as it is written in Hosea 3:5: “Afterwards shall the children of Israel return and seek the Lord their God… .”

You reveal the entire program of creation, all the forces that activate it, and you begin to receive the right to enter this program and control it, instead of the Creator. It is like with a child who grows up, and a father hands over his business so that the child will continue running it instead of him.

This is what it means to become a human being, man, since “man” (in Hebrew “Adam,” from the word “Domeh,” similar) means similar to the Creator, similar to the upper. This is what we need to reach.

Question: Does this revelation affect the everyday life of a person?

Answer: Of course! First of all, you become the master of everything that is happening. You know what you are living for and how to arrange your life in order to extract from it the greatest benefit.

Baal HaSulam writes in the article “The Teaching of Kabbalah and Its Essence” that the wisdom of Kabbalah is the revelation of the higher governing force in all its properties and manifestations unfolding in the worlds and subject to the revelation by man in the future, until the end of all generations.

In other words, you see all the prospects ahead, until the end of the existence of our world at 6,000 years counting from the first revelation of the Creator to Adam HaRishon 5775 years ago. You will reveal the future.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/8/15

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A Kabbalist Can Stop A War

laitman_259_01Question: If a person has become a Kabbalist, has revealed the upper world, and senses the forces that are concealed from everyone else, how does that affect his daily life?

Answer: He, like everyone else, goes to work, takes care of his family, and raises his children. Nothing changes in his life except that from the moment that he becomes a Kabbalist, he can make our world better through his actions.

After all, he brings a positive force into the world against all the negative forces that are coming from everyone else.

All the others are egoists, and he is an altruist. So, he begins to make good changes in the world. He stops bad progressions of events, wars, disasters, and terrorist acts. He engages his forces of bestowal and thus tips the balance of forces to the side of good.

Question: How can a Kabbalist stop a war?

Answer: Everything that is happening in our world is a result of the interaction between the forces of good and evil. Only these two forces are acting in our world, divided into many particular forces, positive and negative: 613 desires, 613 forces, 613 Lights.

However, a Kabbalist is able to balance, as if on a weighing scale, the influence that comes from above and make it good. He can put a weight onto the pan of good, which will shift the arrow on the scale from the negative side and bring it to the center of equilibrium. As it is written, “If the soul so merits, it sentences itself and the entire world to the scale of merit.”

Question: Then, why don’t we set up a squadron of Kabbalists in the military to have them stop terrorist attacks and wars?

Answer: It is true! But for that, we first need to raise many Kabbalists. Unfortunately, for the time being, there are none in the world. We really hope that soon we can bring up many such Kabbalists in our organization who can teach it to everyone, reaching out to more and more people.

However, today, the world is short of Kabbalists, and it is evident by what is happening with the people of Israel, within the borders of Israel and beyond, by the negative attitude of the entire world toward it. All of this is the result of the fact that we cannot tip the world to a scale of merit, not ourselves, not the people of Israel, and all the more so, not the entire world.

Only the people of Israel are capable of doing this. Only we are given the freedom of choice, and if we are not able to shift the scale for the entire world, toward the side of merit, and ourselves, then we will receive the negative reaction that we are seeing today.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/16/15

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Illusory Values, Mass Media, And The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

laitman_547_06Question: The media is very successfully in using a person’s appearance in their advertisements to lure in customers with beauty. Why does such distinction exist between a beautiful and an ugly appearance?

Answer: It is a completely wrong approach, a very big misconception. Unfortunately, we are specially brought up to look at a person’s exterior and not at their inner world.

If we were pursuing a correct upbringing of a person, then by the time of puberty he or she would find a partner not based on their external characteristics, but on a sense of how much a particular person is close to him for proper procreation and the right coexistence.

And since we are constantly chasing illusory and false paradigms, it results in hook-ups and break-ups, without ever finding anything. Everything depends only on the upbringing.

This is yet another proof of how destructive our mass media are!

Question: Why don’t people feel that it is destroying them?

Answer: They feel it, but cannot do anything. They have not yet reached the point of recognition of evil in all the systems that they themselves created under the governance of the power-holders.

The masses are followers, like a docile flock, and they do everything in order to give profit to those who lead them. Though the leaders generally do not have anything either, they are simply chasing such illusory achievements as wealth, power, and fame.

Question: But I still cannot find that point in which all of this can be connected together. Or is it that 90% of humanity don’t even need to understand that we have to come to love and bestowal?

Answer: You are not able find to it yet, you have to be taught this. This is why I am saying that the youth need to be connected with the older generations, i.e., with the learned Kabbalists who understand the meaning of life, who attained it, and are connected to it and can bring the growing generation to the right goal.

Today young people are being driven forward like a herd so they would appease those who are driving them. They need to realize this and not go along with the media that are brainwashing them.

Question: How can we help one another?

Answer: Only by studying Kabbalah, which gives us an understanding of what our nature is, what the means are for achieving the purpose for which we need to live, and so on.

By engaging in Kabbalah we begin to understand the structure of the world, paying no attention to whatever is happening around us. We need to study the system of creation, its operation and functioning, and then we will gradually understand how to move from the present reality to the reality that should be.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 10/8/14

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Ynet: “What Does The Pension Fund Of Shoshi From Hadera Have To Do With The Bad Investment Of Li Ming From Shanghai?”

This article about the global crisis many countries are undergoing and about the sharp declines we see in stock markets around the world was published in my column on Ynet August 27, 2015.

“What Does The Pension Fund Of Shoshi From Hadera Have To Do With The Bad Investment Of Li Ming From Shanghai?”

“The sharp declines in the stock markets around the world remind us all of how strongly we are all mutually interdependent. Only when we acknowledge the laws of the global human system will we be able to lead a good life.

“Volatility in the stock markets intensified, further sharp declines in global equity markets and subsequent rise, have reached Israel. There is no better example than the financial markets to demonstrate the mutual interdependence between people, states, nations, and markets all over the world, which has become one global village.

“The world is becoming increasingly more connected. This is the reason that the financial collapse and the economic slowdown in China is not a local event but an event with emerging global implications. Seemingly, the Israeli economy should not be affected by the fall of the markets in China, and yet it happened. What is the connection between the pension fund of Shoshi from Hadera and the bad investment of Li Ming from Shanghai?

“This global drama shows us how the system can not be balanced—unless the parts are assembled and well connected. Until then, the system will continue to be sensitive, and every minor explosion will destabilize it all.

“We Are All in the Same Boat

“The wisdom of Kabbalah is the wisdom of connection. It studies the connections between people and the connections in nature since the beginning of time. According to this wisdom, we can balance our relations in mutual interdependence only if we acknowledge the laws of the global human system. All the systems of life between us, including the financial markets, are included in these systems.

“We didn’t need such laws in the past, so the wisdom of Kabbalah was concealed and very few engaged in it. The need for this wisdom and knowledge has become relevant only when the world became global and our mutual interdependence completed. Today when the connection between us is growing stronger, it obliges us to learn the laws of the new globally connected world. We have no other choice. Learning the laws according to the method of connection will allow us to create the right social order in the whole human society.

“When a person knows how to connect correctly, realizing that we all depend on one another, the result will be a good life for all of us. This is the uniqueness of the wisdom of Kabbalah, which the world needs today more than anything else.

“The solution to the crisis in the stock market, the crisis of the pension fund of Shoshi from Hadera, and other upcoming crises is not in the traditional financial means, but in establishing a good, balanced, corrected connection between us. We have to learn how to establish the right and balanced relationships and thus reach a good and peaceful life.

Where Can We Find A Safe Place?

laitman_600_02Question: Why do you think that feudalism, capitalism, and communism are the same level of development?

Answer: Because it is an egoistic development that gradually transformed from one paradigm to another but always aspired for the same goal, for maximum egoistic filling.

If we don’t focus our life on the one pleasure of being filled, on knowledge, on respect, wealth, or power, but rather, begin to connect and to unite like nature in order to build an integral society, this society will be able to find totally new forms of the right and safe existence.

When we correct our nature from a linear to an integral one, from an egoistic to an altruistic one, when each of us feels that he is an integral part of humanity, we will also feel humanity and all of nature differently. Our sensory perception will be totally different, and we will feel that we exist on another level, in another dimension.

Although our efforts seem insufficient for all of humanity, we hope that they will be successful a little before conflicts break out between all parts of humanity, as the crisis can be very deep, including world wars, natural disasters and ecological problems. We live on very small and fragile planet and it can be fatal for us.

This is the reason that we try to explain to people that there is a totally different method of relating to life.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/12/15

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The Daily Kabbalah Lesson And Spiritual Development

laitman_249-03Question: Can you please tell me how the daily morning lesson at 3:00 am in Israel affects a person?

Answer: New spiritual attributes are developed in a person when he systematically participates in the lessons, which he then needs to develop in the group of friends parallel to the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is impossible to grow spiritually without the daily participation in the lessons.

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 08.30.15

Preparation for the Lesson 

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