On The Threshold Of Discovering The Goal Of Evolution

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: People are gradually beginning to understand that there is a crisis in our world. They feel it in their lives, and they try to find an answer to the questions: “What is to be done about it? How can one respond to it? How long will it continue?” Is there some kind of rule or lawfulness according to which the crisis will continue to develop further? What can be realistically used as a solution, and what can be offered as a solution to these problems?

Answer: The idea is that we are found within nature, in a particular network of forces, that is developed to the degree of the development of the ego, meaning to the degree of the development of desire on all levels of nature.

In the beginning, these were small desires of elementary particles. After that, the particles became more consolidated until they created a gigantic structure, like our planet Earth, upon which developed conditions for biological life for the vegetative, animate, and human levels. This was the result of the evolution of desire within matter, the desire to receive, enjoy, be fulfilled, and to use material that is found in some kind of contact with us. On this basis a connection between the elementary particles, molecules, atoms and all kinds of biological parts took place, and from the grouping of animals, a beastly society gradually gathered, and from humans, a human society gathered. This means that everything evolved as a result of the evolution of the ego.

Accordingly, our desires also developed: from the beastly desires of the body (food, sex, family), the social desires emerged (wealth, respect, control), because our ego became social. After that, a desire for information developed. Our history reveals that we have gone through these stages on an axis of evolutionary development and we always understood how to act. Our egoistic development instinctively pushed us somewhere: the exploitation of more visible and hidden resources, and the realization of the craving for food, sex, family, wealth, honor, and knowledge.

But after tens of thousands of years of development, suddenly we reached an unexpected situation where the linear and even the exponential laws of egoistic development stopped working. Humanity always developed linearly, and suddenly in the past 100-150 years, this became exponential and has reached some kind of saturation, a summit. We are now at this summit.

On this level, very interesting phenomena are happening since suddenly our ego has stopped working. In the past, the more effort that we invested, the more we developed intellectually and the more we succeeded. The stronger we were, the more confident we felt. But now, not one of these simple linear relationships work. If in previous centuries, a person with a big ego profited more from its use, this is not so anymore, since our normal egoistic development has exhausted itself. It follows that we are moving towards a completely different paradigm, another dependence. The question is towards what kind of a paradigm are we moving? We still don’t know.

Scientists now are beginning to assume and imagine that our continued evolution doesn’t depend on individual ego, rather evolution depends on the mutual connection and coordination between us. Today this is derived from communication, which developed rapidly, is integral and encompasses all of human society, all of civilization, but we are using it linearly, thinking about what one can get from it.

This means that we are found in a transitional stage of the linear ego to a mutual integral connection, and it could even be towards altruism. And gradually we perceive towards what we are going. These perceptions began to be discovered in the middle of the 20th century, from the time of the Club of Rome, who published all kinds of work of economists, philosophers, and other scientists. But the problem is that even though work has been done, and the scientists are more or less aware of this, nobody hears them. And even though we see the futility of the egoistic arousal that continues in both people and in larger organizations, the inertia still exists in all of this and there is nowhere to escape from it.

And in spite of it all, since we continue to work in society, where instead of linear laws, spherical, integral laws are beginning to work, we see how our society is beginning to undergo heavy pressure and find itself in an ugly form. From this is derived the stratification of society, in which its upper part, a few thousand people in the world, concentrate the wealth and control in their hands, whereas the rest of the masses are falling below. An immense gap has been created between the uppermost stratum, composed of a few thousand people, and the lowest stratum, which includes the remaining billions of people.

On the one hand, this certainly must lead to a great explosion. On the other hand, all the wealth that has been accumulated will not be worth anything. The hierarchy of the development of desires (food, sex, family, wealth, honor, knowledge) includes a level in which it is possible to use wealth for the needs of the next level of development. And when humanity begins to overtake this level and complete it, there will no longer be any need for wealth, for the next level begins to appear, it will lead towards the attainment of the meaning of existence.

The scientists who study creation are suddenly beginning to study its holography, multiple universes, and reach the conclusion that planet Earth and our entire universe are finite. We are beginning to understand that we have always been playing some kind of game with money, armies, and wars. And essentially a big process is now taking place in which we are elements within it. Moreover, we don’t determine its development, course or flow, and especially not its goal. We are in a stage where we must discover the true evolutionary goal of our own development. This will bring us to disillusionment and a new vision of the world. We need to look at ourselves and at everything that is happening from the side and investigate all of nature in its coming development.

This means that behind the physical desires (food, sex, family) and the social desires (wealth, honor, knowledge), a new desire is developing for attaining the true meaning of our existence. This is the desire that must dominate us and towards which we are moving. So today, humanity is gradually discovering the crisis, and I hope that we will design the correct vision of it for ourselves, for then we won’t come to deviations on the way, and we will understand that life continues only on this path.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/12/15

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