The Mistake Of Those Who Don’t Care

Dr. Michael LaitmanHumanity has reached a dead end that is already making itself felt. We live in one global modern village and we reluctantly discover that we have to connect, to begin to think and talk about that. It is time to take our place on the human level within the general system.

A Hazard to the System

All of nature, the levels of the still, vegetative and animate, is global, integral and mutually connected in all its parts. All the created beings from reeds to the biggest predators are welded into one system, and together, sustain the general order. On the other hand, we are not part of that picture. Man is the only true and harmful part in nature. It is because we have no limits in the satisfaction of our needs. This is typical of the whole human race in every aspect of life, including family, work, social relations, etc.

The rate of divorce, for example, is growing and so is the abyss between parents and children. Young people find it increasingly hard to find a mate and start a strong family. These extreme changes have taken place in the last 50 years or less. They have even had an impact on the Jewish people who always cared about helping young people marry and helped with their starting a home.

Inseparable Individuals

The reason for all that is our ego, which has reached its last phase.

Egoism refers to the fact that I cannot identify with others. I feel others only to the extent that I can benefit from him or her. Ideally, I wish to squeeze everything I can from others. This isn’t an accusation, of course, but a psychological fact about human nature. This is our nature.

However, on the other hand, we have locked the whole world into mutual ties of a single network that cannot be broken, in the global economic, financial, social, family, and political development. The problem is that this network is full of hate, conflicts, confrontations, egoism, and pride.

Consequently the world shakes as a result of the continuous obstacles, worries, and threats. The lack of unity between us invokes inadaptability to nature on the whole and so the world suffers terribly.

Not My Business?

Question: Most people live an ordinary life and although they profit at the expense of each other, they don’t set any special traps and don’t plot against those around them. So where do they go wrong? It is hard to see yourself as an absolute egoist in the continuous flow of daily worries, in the constant battle to survive.

Answer: That’s true. But if you justify yourself that way, you still suffer. So you should find out why. This requires a sound scientific approach even before we refer to the wisdom of Kabbalah, which sums up and includes the whole world.

A rational scrutiny indicates that we suffer because we cannot get along, cannot get along with one another.

You may ask what can you expect of a poor man who goes to work in the morning and comes back in the evening. But, these miserable poor people have created a network of seven billion parts that lack the right connections between nodes. This is the reason that we are all opposite from the unity embedded in nature.

What is required of us today is the correct unity and connection. We will not end this war if we don’t understand the problem.

But each of us shuts himself off in his little corner:

– I don’t know anything, what do you want of me?

– You feel bad. Don’t you want to correct and change things?

– I want to, but it isn’t my fault; I simply live my ordinary life.

This is no way to deal with problems. We gradually sink more deeply into dangerous situations and the pace of events is accelerating from one year to the next. Some of these events are already behind us and we should learn from them. We have to finally realize what is going on instead of hiding in our den, pretending that it doesn’t concern me, since humanity is made of such people who say that they have nothing to do with such things.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 2/15/15

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