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Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are living in a very interesting times that are very unclear. Humanity has always been accustomed to making plans for 10 and even for 50 years ahead. People knew why they were alive and in what direction their nation was developing. But around 30-40 years ago, we lost our direction in life and and we now no longer know why we are living and developing.

Every person, family, and nation is in a situation like this. It dominates us so much that we no longer want to learn since we don’t see any results from it. Children are not connected to their parents and don’t want to marry, create a family, or give birth to children.

They don’t have any particular, clear purpose in life, such as building a home, raising a child, and so on. Pople have lost the taste for life. Many people in the world are depressed, and to forget, use drugs. The percentage of divorces is rising at a dizzying rate.

This strange time shows our distancing from each other, our loosing connection with our nation, with our family, and with friends  There was a time when there were very strong ties between relatives. Today this is not so, people can travel to another land and live in a society with a different culture.

The sensation of meaninglessness in life has spread everywhere in the world in different forms. We don’t set any unique goals for ourselves and don’t think about what will be in another 30, 40, 50, or 100 years. In the past this was interesting, if not for the individual person, then at least the nation, but now this doesn’t interest anyone. Everyone lives only for today since that is easier and simpler.

Never has the world been in such a state, which is a sign of a period of transition. We must pass from this state to a new state, meaning that we must begin to search for new values that make life worth living. Today there are no such values for people.

This meaninglessness is appalling. Even if person has a desire, he or she cannot realize their hopes and goals. Everything is falling apart on all levels: materially, spiritually, culturally, physically, in families, and in society.

It is precisely at this time that the wisdom of Kabbalah has been revealed to us. It originated 3,800 years ago in ancient Babylon. It says that once we were in the same state of mutual rejection that we feel today. Our ego reached such dimensions that we lost the connection with each other and were scattered throughout the world and distant from those strong societal connections in Babylon where we had lived and worked. Much cultural evidence has remained for us that reminds us of the separation that we experienced in Babylon.

Today we are beginning to enter into a similar situation, except on a new level. Today our planet is becoming smaller, as in ancient Babylon, and like the Babylonians, we don’t know what to do. Again, it is not clear to us how it is possible to get along with each other. We also don’t want to get along, so we divorce, separate, and disconnect. Each one feels himself an individualist.

Kabbalah speaks about this, and that today we must rise above our ego and understand that the same problem that is being discovered today in us, in our children, the family, society, the nation, and  the world has been awakened so that we will rise above ourselves and begin to develop connections between us.

This connection raises us to the next level of existence. Through the system of connection between us that humanity is creating, we are beginning to feel a new world, an absolutely new state. After all, today we perceive creation through our five corporeal senses, but we are ready to feel it via an additional, integral sense that we can develop if we connect to a system of communication and cooperation between us.

That is, instead of perceiving my egoistic, private world, I will feel the world as integral and connected. I will then begin to feel the entire system, the whole of  creation, and the interaction between its parts to such a degree that I will feel the world and myself in an absolutely different way.

Today we feel that we exist in the world for the number of years in a web of interactions between us. But if we begin to connect with one another, in spite of what our ego dictates to us, we will acquire a new system of communication and discover ourselves existing on another level, in an integral dimension in which there is no beginning or end. After all, the connection between us will make it possible for us to see the world through others, a multidimensional world and not linearly the way we see it today.

It is not easy to explain this to a person and for them to reach a perception of this world. But as a result of unique exercises, according to the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah, we can reach this and see an absolutely different creation.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that whether we want it or not, we must reach this. So we are found in a state of crisis in all of nature, which shows us that nature itself is integral and all of its parts are found in complete harmony with each other, and a person is not ready to exist in such a harmonious picture because the ego takes him out of it.

Since we are the opposite of nature, we constantly damage it and don’t want to be a part of the integral picture. And so we feel the confrontation with nature in the form of a crisis.

The present crisis will continue until we reach the same direct integral cooperation in a good connection with nature like all of its other components.

The still, vegetative, and animate nature are in harmony, homeostasis, equilibrium. Man, using his egoism and devouring with this egoistic nature more than is necessary for his existence, violates this harmony and eventually leads to the crisis itself.

Therefore, the confrontation with nature will continue and will lead us to such a shock that we still have to find a way to continuing existence. Indeed, despite the technological advances, we can not live a normal life without the proper interaction and harmony with the environment.

Harmony can be found only if we pass through a certain period of re-education, through efforts to remake ourselves, rising above our selfish nature and arriving at the correct interaction between us.

This is the main subject of the wisdom of Kabbalah, which tells the history of man’s appearance on the planet and about reaching the end of his egoistic development, when he is compelled to change himself. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how we can change ourselves to emerge from the crisis, which will be felt on a more and more brutal scale by the individual, the family, society, the nation and the world.

So we are obliged to learn how to interact between us. For this there is the method of integral education that allows an easy way to implement this: gradual, correct interaction between us with the help of special exercises.

Very rapidly, other forces of nature will be revealed before us that are opposite to the negative, egoistic forces that cause conflicts between us. A person will feel that he can balance them with the altruistic forces to the extent that he will begin to feel the world as good and not cruel.

He will begin to understand the forces of nature, why nature behaves like this with him, and in what form he can use the forces of nature for his own good and truly benefit from his very existence on the planet.

When a person begins to interact correctly with other people, meaning that he begins to connect with them correctly, he will begin to feel himself in the unique network of communication that connects everyone.

He will feel that he is exiting the framework of time, space, and motion and existing in an absolutely different dimension in which the main thing is not our individual bodies, but our one collective body and collective existence where we begin to pass to another state, another dimension.

Together with this, the world will dissolve from our feelings, and in its place we will begin to feel what is called the higher world, meaning a shared existence in which all concepts of time, space, motion, birth, aging, and death will disappear.

We will stop feeling the world as it is now and will enter into its inner comprehension. After all, we now feel it only through our five corporeal senses, and so we only feel the world as long as our physical body exists. And if in its place we create another body, which is the connection between us, then through it we will begin to feel our entire environment in its true form that is not distorted and limited by the body.

A person who is involved with correction of himself, according to the method of integral education, will gradually pass from feeling our world to feeling a double world: both our world and the inner, higher world. And when his body dies, he will continue to exist only with the feeling of the higher world, the world that he discovered and acquired while in his physical life.

This is the goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah: to bring a person to the perception of the integral world. After all, the crisis through which we are passing is created by nature specifically to bring us from a perception of the limited world through our bodies, to the integral perception by way of a general connection between us.

Today many people in the world are engaged in the wisdom of Kabbalah. In its time, Kabbalah predicted that humanity would reach a state where it could not fulfill itself with anything, that people would feel emptiness and lose the goal and the meaning of life. All of this would bring a person to the question, “What is the meaning of life?”

People would gradually discover the secret of the meaning of life. It is not latent within our bodies and not limited by its framework; rather, it is much higher above this. The entire universe and the whole of creation is a completely different system and not as we perceive it today. The sciences of this world already speak about this.

In the framework of our organization, we are making all efforts to give to everyone who wants it, an opportunity to be engaged with the wisdom of Kabbalah, and to gradually acquire the sensation of the higher world.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day Two” 7/12/14, Lesson #4

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