A Good Place For Developing The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe reincarnation of the souls is like the recycling of water in our world. This is a constant exchange that takes place between different energy levels in which are found our energetic characteristics called the soul.

A soul is something ephemeral, an energy state of a person that is constantly rising and falling. Cycles like these are necessary to realize the constant blending, adhering, and division of all the souls with each other. They constantly create mutual correction, mutual integration, and bring all the individual souls into a single, generally shared state of one single soul.

This state is called the completion of correction, and we must attain it soon. Therefore, both the wisdom of Kabbalah and the crisis have appeared in this world. Not much time is left for us to reach this state, either through the blows of nature, through huge problems, or through learning and proper use of the method of  the wisdom of connection (Integral Education).

Question: In our world are there any energetic places that can fulfill the soul?

Answer: No, there are no places in the world with such unique characteristics. They influence our mental, physiological, and even our emotional attributes, but not the soul, not spirituality, meaning not the ascent of a person to the characteristic of bestowal and love.

Only in a strong group that is created correctly and in which people mutually cooperate in the right way is the focus of a state like this to be found where a person can enter this society and develop very rapidly.

This is not a geographic location; rather, it is simply an energy that is accumulated by many people yearning to discover the central force of the world. Only a Kabbalistic group is a good place for developing the soul.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day Two” 7/12/14, Lesson #4

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