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Clearing The Way To Unity

Laitman_931-01The Torah, “Numbers” 11:18 – 11:20: And to the people, you shall say, ‘Prepare yourselves for tomorrow and you shall eat meat, because you have cried in the ears of the Lord saying, “Who will feed us meat, for we had it better in Egypt.” [Therefore,] the Lord will give you meat, and you shall eat.

You shall eat it not one day, not two days, not five days, not ten days, and not twenty days.

But even for a full month until it comes out your nose and nauseates you. Because you have despised the Lord Who is among you, and you cried before Him, saying, “Why did we ever leave Egypt?”‘”

The Creator promises to feed the children of Israel with their ego saying: “first it will seem good to you, but when you reach a state that you cannot overcome the ego, it will begin to overflow on all sides, and you will look for a way to restrain it and will not find an answer, and the ego will begin to manage and control you. Thus, reluctantly you will advance towards death, suffering,, and illness and will see how your children hurt themselves and die before your very eyes. You will not be able to escape anywhere! Everything that is dear to you: your parents, your children, and your grandchildren will suffer terribly for a very long time. They will wish to die but will not be able to. This is what your ego will do to you.”

The Prophets said that righteous women will cook their children and eat them. A person’s internal egoism will force him to behave this way. This is where we are headed and everything may happen like the Prophets said if we don’t turn to the right line in time, in the direction of connection and unity so that the MAN will begin to descend upon us.

Ascending above the ego isn’t death at all. Death is the freedom from a meaningless existence. Today many of us would gladly give up this life: it is better not to be born at all than to live this way. But a person cannot die. A person spins around in a whirlpool of great problems; he will crawl and hold on with his fingernails and scratch himself until he bleeds, but he will not be able to do anything with himself. He will dream of dying but to no avail.

When he finds himself on the verge of death, under such mental afflictions, he will gradually begin to understand his egoistic nature, until he is determined to get rid of it, but it isn’t immediate and just like that. He will have to go through this road to the end because he follows it according to the method of punishments and sufferings. On the other hand, everything happens in a totally different manner along the path of the Light: the Light shines and you see that on the one side there is a black abyss that swallows everything, and on the other side there is the Light. Along the path of suffering, on the other hand, there is no Light, you don’t see anything but great emptiness full of sufferings and you want to die every minute because wholeness seems like a great gift to you.

Therefore, the Creator’s answer to the request to feed the people meat is very hard: you will continuously eat meat until you are sick of it and then you will come to your senses. This means that you will follow the path of suffering until you understand that your egoistic life is death itself, and the Creator that you abhor is the attribute of love and bestowal. Try to change and choose one of the two: either the path of the ego or the path of love.

For the first time in history we are at this crossroad. We see how the world’s natural, bonded, internal, anti-Semitism is revealed. The nations of the world will all begin to hate us instinctively without exception. They will oppose us, thus baring their teeth like wolves. It isn’t their will but the doing of the upper Providence that operates through them. It isn’t aimed at anything but only at our ego. If we change it to the attribute of love and bestowal we will see only good loving people before us.

We can do it!
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/25/15

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Seventy Sages: A System Of Mutual Connection

laitman_933The Torah, “Numbers” 11:16 – 11:17: And the LORD said unto Moses: ‘Gather unto Me seventy men of the elders of Israel, whom thou knowest to be the elders of the people, and officers over them; and bring them unto the tent of meeting, that they may stand there with thee.

And I will come down and speak with thee there; and I will take of the spirit which is upon thee, and will put it upon them; and they shall bear the burden of the people with thee, that thou bear it not thyself alone.’

The Creator reassures Moses that the rage will not be poured unto him alone and that he will not carry the burden of the people by himself but that it will be shared by all the elders who will come in direct contact with the people, while Moses will teach the seventy elders and govern all the tribes by them.

The point is that when egoism begins grow inside us there is a need for a whole structure of connection with the Creator and all our modification and our improvement comes down to establishing it. In a family, for example, everything is managed by the head of the family; in an apartment building everything is managed by the condominium association; in a village there is a small managing board; in the city there is the municipality, and in a state thousands of people are involved in it, which means that the bigger our egoism grows the greater the need for the mutual connection between all the people and the upper force, the Creator.

If very large egoism is revealed among the people, the people begin to complain by turning to Moses: “We don’t want to advance; we would rather go back to the animal level. Take us back to Pharaoh and take the Creator.” It is one of the two: either Bina or Malchut, either money or the Upper Light.

This is the reason that there is suddenly the need for coordination because there has to be a conductor that connects Moses and the people. In this case the seventy sages, which is a whole system of mutual cooperation, are between them.

And I will come down and speak with thee there; and I will take of the spirit which is upon thee and will put it upon them… this means that the elders will ascend spiritually and thus will be able to be totally connected to each other.

They are able to take the upper Light and divide it to seventy parts (which means seven Sefirot: Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, Malchut; in each if which there are ten Sefirot, which is a total of seventy), and to lead them to the people and show the people that they should unite and connect.

Seventy sages actually set the example for connection and unity: they are all different and opposite from one another as seventy spiritual roots. Eventually, like roots in the ground, they absorb all the people that stem from them in a chain reaction downwards. This is the reason that the seventy sages/seventy spiritual roots can set an example and strengthen the unity of the nation.

In the past, the Sanhedrin composed of seventy sages governed the state and thanks to the unity between them they could reach a consensus.

Everything that exists in the spiritual roots is reflected in the corporeal world. Therefore, there is this connection both in our souls and in our spiritual covenant.

There is the concept of a nation in each of us: first there is all of humanity, then the nation of Israel, and then its division to the Levites, the priests, the seventy sages, and Moses.  We all have to be equal in this schema and to put it together between us in the corporeal world so that we will understand that it exists inside us.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/25/15

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We Are All Autistic In Some Way

Laitman_032_01Comment: I sometimes meet parents whose children have been diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum and the parents refuse to accept it. But the child needs a different approach and the parents have to change their attitude.

Answer: I don’t think this is necessary. I observe today’s children and I actually don’t see any of them behaving normally according to a scale on which 100 points would be considered normal behavior. We are all abnormal in some sense and in each of us there is a diversion of 10% – 20% up or down the scale.

At least 20% of our society finds it hard to manage to work in the framework of social communications. Unfortunately, today’s society doesn’t allow a person to develop properly and to feel good, to find the answers to questions and not to be shy about asking them. We become introverted and thus build ourselves by withdrawing into ourselves more and more as if inside a cocoon. The result is a  “normal” human being.

I believe that minor autistic attributes in children that have been diagnosed by the scrutinizing eyes of experts should not be highlighted in a child who lives in a regular environment. He will gradually adjust himself to it and will find his place in society if he is treated in a pleasant, friendly manner under its more or less right influence. Therefore, this isn’t a problem for hidden autistic people and neither for us.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 7/9/15

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United Nations Resolution: Israel Is The Only Nation In The World That Is Violating Economic And Social Rights

laitman_272In the News ( “According to a post of UNWatch, that includes 54 nations, the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations passed a resolution that declared that the nation of Israel is the only violator of economic and social rights in the world.

“The United States resolution accuses Israel of crimes like ‘the destruction of homes and property, economic institutions, farmland and gardens in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem as well as in the occupied Syrian territories in the Golan,’ the ‘exploitation of natural resources’ and the ‘disposal of all kinds of garbage in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem and in the occupied Syrian territory in the Golan, which seriously threatens ecological safety.’

“Hamas is not mentioned even once. Syria is mentioned 13 times, but only in the denunciation of Israel for ‘alleged’ violations against citizens in the occupied Syrian territories in the Golan whose relatives live on land in the Syrian Arab Republic. The bloody regime of Assad is not even mentioned. No other nation in the world except Israel was denounced at the annual socioeconomic meeting of the United Nations.”

My Comment: And I understand them! For nature, meaning the Creator, speaks through them, teaching us through the nations of the world about our situation, which requires urgent correction, by really approaching “and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Only by approaching this value will the nations of the world not only turn to us with friendship, but also with love and a readiness to help everyone, advancing the entire world towards its best future, as it is said, “…and all nations shall flow unto it” (Isaiah 2:2). In spite of everything, we must reach such a state, either by the way of suffering or through a conscious approach.

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Empirical Attainment Of The Wisdom Of Unity

laitman_939_01When we unite, our desires that are so different, opposite, and distant from each other merge into one single desire.

It turns out that on the one hand, we are completely distant, but on the other hand, we united and are therefore beginning to reveal the single force of nature.

This occurs precisely because we have huge egoism, but above it we are trying to come to unity.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed only to those people who possess a special sensitivity, who simultaneously feel both their disconnection and their unity. In this way, it will gradually be revealed to everyone in the world.

It is such a joy to see how our Kabbalistic groups are springing up around the whole world. Many people are coming to study and want to learn about the method of connection. Year by year, humanity is growing more confused, losing its purpose, despairing like a small child who got lost, went astray, and now does not know where to go.

In the meantime, we are understanding more and more clearly what a unique method we have at our disposal. We only need to implement it on ourselves and offer it to all of humanity so that they too will unite and feel themselves at a higher level of existence because everyone will become one whole.

We still have a lot to learn about it. Do not forget that we learn this wisdom from nature, not only from books. We need to implement the connection between ourselves as a counterweight to the egoism that separates us. We are like research scientists, revealing this method empirically.

A Kabbalistic group is a laboratory where we conduct an experiment on our own selves, year after year, lesson after lesson, registering all the details of the process that we are undergoing.

Only in the past year or two have we gotten closer to the phase of direct implementation. Before that, we only studied the system: how it is connected in an ideal manner, that is to say, the system of the upper worlds.

In essence, the upper world and the lower world are in the same place. But when we are divided, we refer to our world as the material world. When we unite, then we feel a different reality, a harmonious one, connected by a single force.

All of nature becomes one organism, which is called the revelation of the Upper Force—the only force that manifests inside us, since it cannot be revealed somewhere externally, outside of the connection with us. This signifies the revelation of the Creator to His creatures in accordance with the condition of equivalence of form.
From the Convention In Guadalajara “One Heart For All,” “Day One” 7/17/15, “Preparatory Lesson”

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The Race of Anti-Semitism

Laitman_121From the News ( “The organizers of Holocaust Memorial Day in Ireland have banned the use of the term ‘Jewish State’ and ‘State of Israel.’ Shortly before that, Belfast authorities removed the plate that gave mention to the late Chaim Herzog from the house where he was born. He was a former President of the State of Israel.

“The modern day anti-Zionists of today don’t talk about going to war, they speak of peace, but they demand concessions only from Israel. They do not become angered that the terrorists hide their weapons in hospitals and schools and people’s homes, but blame Israel for disproportional defense, and compare Nazi Germany to Israel.

“Today European countries started the race on recognizing the Palestinian State, a state that never existed, and whose nation always belonged to the Arab nations.

“The Palestinian project was designed and developed as resistance against Israel, and is designed to eliminate Israel. They didn’t succeed in a military way. Today we see the appearance of a legal war. They are trying to remove Israel from its rights and declare an economic blockade on Israel.”

My Comment: Everything is correct, but the issue is that only we are able to correct this situation. And all the nations of the world search for and will continue to search for our destruction. That is nature’s law, and there is nothing to hate them for. We only need to understand that it is in our power to direct history into a good direction.

I wrote about this in the article, “Who Are You People of Israel?”  that was published in the New York Times.

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 08.07.15

Writings of Rabash “Rungs of the Ladder,” Article 3

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