The Race of Anti-Semitism

Laitman_121From the News ( “The organizers of Holocaust Memorial Day in Ireland have banned the use of the term ‘Jewish State’ and ‘State of Israel.’ Shortly before that, Belfast authorities removed the plate that gave mention to the late Chaim Herzog from the house where he was born. He was a former President of the State of Israel.

“The modern day anti-Zionists of today don’t talk about going to war, they speak of peace, but they demand concessions only from Israel. They do not become angered that the terrorists hide their weapons in hospitals and schools and people’s homes, but blame Israel for disproportional defense, and compare Nazi Germany to Israel.

“Today European countries started the race on recognizing the Palestinian State, a state that never existed, and whose nation always belonged to the Arab nations.

“The Palestinian project was designed and developed as resistance against Israel, and is designed to eliminate Israel. They didn’t succeed in a military way. Today we see the appearance of a legal war. They are trying to remove Israel from its rights and declare an economic blockade on Israel.”

My Comment: Everything is correct, but the issue is that only we are able to correct this situation. And all the nations of the world search for and will continue to search for our destruction. That is nature’s law, and there is nothing to hate them for. We only need to understand that it is in our power to direct history into a good direction.

I wrote about this in the article, “Who Are You People of Israel?”  that was published in the New York Times.

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