Anti-Semitism Is A Natural Phenomenon

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Telegraph): “One of Japan’s largest newspapers has had to issue an apology after running a full-page advert for a book that claimed that the earthquake and tsunami which devastated north-east Japan in March 2011 was a Jewish conspiracy.

“The conservative Sankei Shimbun, which has a combined circulation of close to 3 million for its morning and evening editions, ran an advertisement in its Nagoya edition on November 26 for books by Richard Koshimizu, an author who has previously written books claiming that Jews were also behind the September 11, 2011 terror attacks in the United States.

“The advert quickly attracted the attention of The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, with Abraham Cooper, rabbi and associate dean of the organisation, denouncing the publication.

“’I am writing to you directly to protest the decision by your newspaper to publish a full-page ad selling three anti-Semitic books by a known bigot and Jew-hater,” the complaint read.

“’In addition to denying the WWII Nazi Holocaust, in which 6 million European Jews, including Anne Frank and 1.5 million Jewish children perished, the author alleges Jewish control of mass media and manipulates events and economies to further their nefarious goals,’ the complaint stated.

“’Everything from the horrors of 9/11 to tragedies of the tsunami in Japan, and even to the threats from North Korea, are, in one way or another, linked to Jews or the state of Israel.’”

My Comment: I do not doubt the sincerity of these accusations. They come from a sense of direct dependence of the writer’s fate on the Jewish people. Feeling this eternal relationship, the writer rightly blames the Jews for all earthly misery. Thus he admits his complete dependence on them. I would advise him to point out to the Jews that their mission is to change so as to cause only positive events in the world!

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