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laitman_262Comment: I was introduced to a new book, Why Ones Are Loved, and Others – Not, And How to Make Oneself to Be Loved. It addresses issues of what a man and woman need from each other in order to maintain peace and harmony in their relationship for a long time, whether they should marry, what, in fact, love between them is?

The book says all that will be clarified if they observe each other a little and reflect on what is happening, using the ancient knowledge of the science of Kabbalah.

Answer: Kabbalah is a very high science. It is close to me like biocybernetics, which studies the management of biological systems. But in principle, it is impossible to talk to an average person from this height.

However, when you begin to explain to people those fragments of life that they cannot balance, the relationship between themselves, for example, men and women, parents and children, an employee and employer, roommates, or neighbors, etc., it turns out that Kabbalah can be explained in simple terms.

Therefore, we publish such manuals and books that are popular precisely because people feel that it could be useful for them. They do not understand lofty matters.

These books are written in simple language and although it seems that they are very far from Kabbalah, they are based on its ideas because it studies the homeostasis of the control systems between us: balance of the human internal system and relationships between people.

In principle, the wisdom of Kabbalah can be defined as a system of knowledge that helps to balance our relationships so that harmony between reception and bestowal of everyone to everyone else is manifested so that we become connected like cogwheels in a single mechanism. After all, we represent a complete closed integral system.

Uniting in such a system, people start to feel inner harmony within it, which manifests itself in a person and gives him a sense of the next level of existence.
From KabTV’s “A Special Opinion” 8/17/14

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