Like Fish Caught In A Net

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it that a person is able to annul oneself before the environment?

Answer: A person despairs of how much time has passed and so much effort has been applied, and still there’s no result. But if one nevertheless is in the group and continues to attend, in the end one’s desire changes.

I remember once I came to Rabash’s lesson during a terrible rainstorm. Nobody had a car except for me, so we waited for a long time, but nobody came. Then I began to call and ask why people didn’t come, and then offered a ride. And the reply was: “What can I do if there’s such a flood outside?”

And then another student showed up all soaking wet. When we asked him how he was able to walk in such a downpour, he replied: “What could I do if there’s a lesson?”

It turns out that one sits at home and says, “What could I do?” “How could I go out in this rain?” And another came completely drenched and also said, “What could I do, there’s a lesson, and I couldn’t stay home?”

Everything depends on a person’s attitude towards any given condition. Every moment you are being asked about your attitude. If you don’t forget that everything comes from above especially for you so that you work with it, then you have no choice, and you act accordingly.

Question: How can I, with every given possibility, persuade myself to take a step towards the group?

Answer: It is written: “Whatever the mind doesn’t do, time does.” And indeed it’s true. If there’s no quality, quantity will work. In any case, you realize that one day, due to the influence of the Light, nothing will help you. You won’t accomplish anything by addressing the Creator directly, since it doesn’t work like that.

Then you despair and decide that you’re required to connect yourself with the environment. You’ll want to connect your threads with everyone else’s, and everyone else wants to connect with you, like you’re a fish caught in a net. Only in this form will you have the opportunity to do something about yourself, and most importantly, let friends work on you.

You are bound to feel disillusioned to the point where you doubt your own abilities in order to agree to submit yourself to the environment, to become entangled in the net with one hope that friends will affect you. You believe that they have the power to do so. You have no connection with the Creator on your own, and He doesn’t want to influence and change you.

After all, you see that many years have passed, but nothing helps. There’s nothing else to do, and then you make your decision. This requires a lot of effort, time, perseverance, and persistence. There shouldn’t be a day where you miss a lesson.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/4/14 Writings of Rabash

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