The Group Is My Sail

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe cannot make a beeline for the goal, but we can build an environment that will exert an influence upon us from both the positive and negative sides. With regard to the positive side, it means that the environment reveals additional desires within a person, jealousy, and the urge to reach what others have attained.

As for the negative side, the environment shows a person how much less than others he is, how unable he is to be together with them, and how against everyone he is, torturing a person with the feeling of his insignificance and anxiety about his future.

This is how the environment pushes a person both from the positive to negative sides, moving him forward in a “zigzag” path against the wind in the direction of the goal. It is how he reveals the additional urge to the original desire instilled in him from the side of creation in the informational genes (Reshimot), awakened in him by the Creator. This is how he advances.

For the most part, this work consists of building the environment that influences the person. As it turns out, he is the one building this influence, and to that extent, he opens himself up to it. If he doesn’t invest his strength into the group, he will not open up to it.

This can be seen in the example of a person who is taking care of his children or pets. The more we invest in someone, the closer and more loved they become to us. And that is why we begin to react more sensitively to his feedback, opening ourselves up for love and connection.

The same thing happens to the environment. The more we invest in it, the more valuable it becomes to us. And then we open ourselves to the influence of the environment, having built the means that moves us forward on a zigzag path against our egoism towards the purpose of creation.

With this, we complete our efforts to the full extent, about which it is said “I labored and did not find, do not believe.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/21/2011, Shamati #232

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  1. I agree. I am as much of a part of a group or the people around me to the extent that I care about them and put their needs above mine. When I care about people around me, I get to know their needs and who they are through their needs. A person who doesn’t feel close to them, is someone who doesn’t know their needs because they do not care for others. Also, because I am already caring about their needs, I am in a place where I am familiar and sensitive to what to say or do for others. Whereas, a person who isn’t already caring and thinking about how to care for others, isn’t going to say or do things to care about them because they are not thinking or already feeling that way. They won’t already be in a place to give.

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