The Way To Mutual Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is important to explain in our round table discussions that mutual guarantee isn’t attained by itself, but rather as a result of serious study of nature’s system of mutual dependence, in order to introduce man into it as an integral component. Only a connection between nature and all people, when everybody is in perfect balance, that is, when a person gives and receives in human society in perfect harmony, as it is done among the cells of the body, only such connection is called mutual guarantee.

But first we have to study the elements: mutual guarantee, mutual yielding and connection, above all the differences that separate us, which the ego purposefully presents to us. We should see the differences between us as exercises above which we have to ascend and thus grow namely in this way, just as children grow as a result of the games they play. This is the essence of our progress towards the state of mutual guarantee—the full mutual connection, just like in one healthy body.

This is the purpose of the entire creation, and therefore, to the extent that we reach this connection, we feel mutual bestowal, love, participation, the merger of our desires, the joining of whatever used to stand in our way. Nothing disappears. All the differences remain, and it is above them that we build our relationships.

We have to patiently explain this method of connection despite all contradictions. Then, people’s consciousness will gradually evolve, to the extent that they master the general mutual connection above the contradictions that manifest.

It is a long way of restoring the broken ties among us. We advance this way and reach the end of correction of humanity and its connection with nature into one.

This is how we reach Malchut of the world of Infinity, where all the differences and contradictions come together: utmost egoism and above it, utmost altruism—and the recognition of the Thought of Creation is revealed in us.

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  1. The contradictions are simply places where our schema is fractured. Exploration and clarity show that these places are the primary opportunities to advance in our understanding of how to unite. If all the ‘gates’ are opened, it becomes remarkably clear and simple what to do. As simple as 1 2 3 actually…

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