Life Is An Exciting Game With The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen my egoism becomes revealed to me, I have to catch it by its tail like a snake. And then I start playing with it, untangling all of its cunning ways and the connections that it wanted to build step by step, with great wisdom. This plan opens my eyes, reveals my corruption. I acquire wisdom, eyes that see far. I can’t grow wiser without this.

It’s like playing chess with somebody who’s as clever as a snake. He builds an unusual, tricky, and complicated combination of 20 steps in advance, calculating all the possibilities, building a real trap for me, but suddenly I catch the very end of his thought.

Instead of the chess figures on the board, I see his thoughts contained in them—the tail of the snake. I pull that tail and begin to reveal his intention, his abilities little by little. This is how I play with the Creator. He teaches me how to prepare my desires to the required level of fulfillment in order to reveal Him in this game.

If I don’t go through this entire game, I will not become smart and sensitive enough to reveal Him. In fact, He is revealed now, but I am unable to see Him. I am like a little child standing next to a chess board, watching a game without the ability to understand how to play.

Our entire life is a game of gaining the mind of the Creator, revealing Him. Our egoism is incredibly cunning and tries to bribe us by all means. It catches us in one or another opposite direction—and this is great help coming from the Creator. Whoever wants to reveal His crafty designs will understand that the life he sees in front of him is only a game. At every moment, the Creator gives us an opportunity through our thoughts, desires, and actions to meet Him as our partner in the game. And then our whole life becomes an exciting adventure.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/2011, Shamati #152

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  1. You make it sound like the snake is te creator

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