Old Folk Lost In The New World

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe whole problem is in the approach. If I’m trying to correct this crisis using my old means, looking for solutions and trying to fix the economic systems I have built, this is called Amalek (the greatest, most ferocious will to receive in us), our main enemy.

But I have to realize that this revelation comes to me from nature. There’s nothing that can be done using the old methods as this change is happening inside human nature. This change is not in each of us individually, but in our relationships, in the connections between people. I didn’t want this to happen, but it has.

We have to begin seeing this and to understand that each one of us is an egoist and will remain an egoist. At the same time, the connection between us has grown stronger and is different than before. I will not be able to establish this connection according to my ego’s demands.

For the time being, we are all like marbles inside one system, and each marble is an egoist. However, the connections between us aren’t egoistic anymore. They are not the way we built them in the old economic system, which was a direct imprint of our old ego, an accurate demonstration of the egoistic relationships.

But nowadays, a different kind of connection is revealing itself, and that’s why we’re unable to control the network we have built. This is called the revelation of the Creator, and we’re not treating it appropriately. We don’t understand that we must include ourselves in the new nature.

We’re egoists, but the connections between us are not egoistic; they are changing. We have to be more sensitive to these changes and always adapt ourselves to them, to agree with this new connection. By doing this, we will “obliterate the memory of Amalek,” our worst enemy.

This way, we erase our indifference, disregard, and carelessness. We overcome our careless attitude toward the changes and start to examine what is going on here. Then, we’ll need the wisdom of Kabbalah because otherwise, we can throw all the powers we have, all the scientists, and all the means in the world into an analysis and still not draw a single correct conclusion.

It’s because we would remain like impenetrable marbles, everyone inside their old egoism. Now, we have to receive the instruction (the word “Torah” comes from the word “Oraa” or the instruction manual) that will teach us how to act correctly in order to perform such actions down here, and this will give rise to changes Above.

The Creator Himself reveals the new network, the new connection between all of us. To us, however, this means a crisis because we have built a certain system and He is imprinting a different one over it.

There’s nothing we can do with this new system. All we can do is change ourselves according to this newly revealed system, to adjust these marbles to this new connection between us. This means that I must raise a prayer, meaning that I have to ask for a change in myself, to ask for something that’s missing from me, that’s preventing me from connecting with this new network properly.

This new network will keep revealing itself more and more; this cloud will keep coming down lower and lower. Our work is in trying to recognize this network and to desire to adjust ourselves to it by our practical actions. Thus, we will invoke an influence from Above that will realize this within us.

The change will not be in the system, but in us. We will change in accord with it.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/2011, Rabash’s article

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