The Strength Of The Spiritual Chain Depends On Its Resistance

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is no division between individual and group or collective work— all this is one work where I can see parts of my own soul as foreign and hateful to me. And I have to overcome all this haze and fog that deceives me, picturing them to me as my hateful enemies or at least, my slaves.

This is not a simple work for I am working on my spiritual vessel until I gather all of it and join it to myself. This is only possible by the power of love, raising above all hatred and resistance that I feel toward them.

All of this opposition remains like the resistance generated in opposition to an electric current. Together, the electric current and the resistance do the work to spin the motor. As a result of this action, the Light, the spiritual world, is being revealed.

However, now, we are completely separated from each other like a broken chain. This is not even an opposite kind of connection. I don’t love or even hate others—I simply don’t care about them. However, when we begin to work in order to get closer to each other, we then feel how the hatred, the opposition, is being revealed.

Only after the hard work in the Egyptian slavery of our own egoism, we come from the level of Jacob (from the small state) toward Mount Sinai (the mountain of hatred). From this mountain of hatred, it is possible to receive the Light that Reforms, which is called the Torah. Now, we already have something to work on.

However, he who has not started to unite, who is still under the control of the feelings of this world and tries to use his friends in a petty way as in any other place, this person has not even started his work. Perhaps, he is not trying to use them because he may have a kind character and wants to be friends with everyone, but this does not do anything toward his development.

As it is written, “She bringeth her bread [faith] from afar,” namely from distancing and rejection. There is no personal or group work here. You need to join within yourself all of the seemingly foreign parts of reality, until you reveal in the connection of these parts that the entire universe is in inside of you.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/29/2011, Shamati #121

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