Permission To Reveal Kabbalah

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe constantly search how to improve our life, and all our thoughts and desires are aimed at it. The Creator constantly reveals new desires and an inner void to us, thereby sending us in the reverse direction, forcing us to flee from this emptiness.

He reveals something bad to me, and I start running away from it, in the opposite direction, to something good. However, at that point, He reveals yet another void in me, and I reverse my running again. This is how we are governed from Above.

Every instant, we experience a new desire and instinctively try to fulfill it to the best of our ability. In this way, the Creator leads us toward the goal to become like Him. Although a person is totally opposite to the Creator (since the Creator is absolute love and bestowal, and man is the force of hate and reception), yet, gradually, he is enabled to see his antagonistic nature and correct himself.

Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah, the method to know the Creator, the property of bestowal, is given to man to assist him in this life. To accomplish this, the Creator selects people He wishes to draw near to Him, but not all at once. Eventually, however, everybody, every person living on this earth will have to come to Him and will become like Him!

All of us have one purpose, but we are approaching it individually and gradually. There were people who started approaching the Creator thousands of years ago before us, in the recent centuries, and today, and there will be more in the near future.

Today, we are at the last stage of human evolution when all of humanity has to know the Creator and ascend spiritually again in order to return to the World of Infinity. We can be viewed as the first row of the last generation.

Man lives fueled by the matters of the corporeal world that he experiences on the path of his earthly life, until a question arises within, “What do I need this all for? I wish to know what happens ‘before’ and ‘after’ I die, and is there any sense in existing, living this life?” These questions come from the Upper degree, the source of life in this world. Hence, these inquiries elevate a person above his entire evolutionary journey.

A person starts seeking in search of answers, and, if the questions are truly above our corporeal world, he finds the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is because with his spiritual spark, “the point in the heart,” a person is like an electron in an electric field, a particle that carries a negative spiritual charge. He feels this “minus” and, therefore, keeps seeking fulfillment for his desire in the field surrounding him.

He can’t find it in our world, and this is the cause of frustration that permeates the world today. We have lost hope in a “better future” (communism or consumer society), and we have to find what we are living for. Otherwise, the entire world will drown in drug abuse, terror, despair, or antidepressants. A person won’t know what to do with himself since this inner void will drain his desire to live.

However, it will be these people who will discover the wisdom of Kabbalah as the only method to find higher meaning. They won’t find solace in religion, faiths, mysticism, “new age,” or meditation. In truth, all the above remedies are aimed at self-relaxation at the level of our world, although their questions come from the realms of a higher dimension.

Hence, we have received permission to reveal and circulate the wisdom of Kabbalah, and we are witnessing how people from all over the world have started to awaken and gravitate to it.
From Lesson 8, World Kabbalah Congress 2010, 11/11/10

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