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An Unchangeable Law Of Nature

Laitman_707The Creator is the higher general law of nature. It is described in the Torah how Moses would shout when he turned to the Creator, but there was nobody to whom to turn. As it is written, “A voice calls … in the wilderness” (Isaiah 40:3).

In general, we convey our images, impressions, and our mutual relationship with the Creator exactly the way we would convey our anger to a malfunctioning computer.

However, in fact, the higher power is an unchangeable law of nature, and so it is written, “He issued a decree, which will not change” (Psalms 148:6). So, there is no one to whom to turn except yourself!

There exists an immutable program within which we are found, and we must work within it. Otherwise, we strive and take pains until we reach an awareness of how to continue to go on.

Nothing will change for the better if we don’t work on ourselves to reach a good connection with others and, moreover, with everyone! Neither good relationships in the family nor even with all people will help us. Egoistic alliances will not help here; everything must be absolutely altruistic.

We need to work beyond of ourselves, outside of all egoistic calculations. That is how we hold onto everyone, only with altruistic connections.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/25/15

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Happy Holiday Of Love!

Laitman_201_01Question: According to the Jewish tradition, the 15th of Av is a holiday of love. People are searching for love their entire lives, and some would say that it is the most claimed good. It is not easy to find, and yet people do not give up and continue searching.

Even if we fail once, we keep hoping to start anew and find a new love. They say that love is a miracle. What makes love so appealing that we are willing to go to such great lengths to have it in our lives?

Answer: People search for love and cannot find it because it is impossible in our world. After all, love is a result of the unification of our desire, the basis, the fundamental material, and its fulfillment. In the science of Kabbalah, the desire is called a vessel and the Light is called fulfillment. The creature is the desire and the Creator is the fulfillment.

We need to attain this state fully in order for our desire to fill with the Upper Light and rise to the level of the upper force after growing quantitatively and most importantly qualitatively. This is why we constantly chase after love.

We need to look at the spiritual root, without which we cannot comprehend what happens. There is an important phenomenon in our lives, and it enthralls everyone. No one can free themselves from love. At the same time, no one knows anything about it.

There are numerous novels and books written, tons of movies made; all of humanity is spinning around love only, and no one knows what it is. All that is because love comes from an upper source, the Creator, who created the lower force, or the creature, so that this creature will wish to come closer to its Maker, and they will love each other.

It would seem that nothing can be better than that! It is a very touching story. It turns out that the upper force created all of us so that we would come close to it, embrace, and unite in love. But the fact of the matter is that we don’t understand what kind of love that is because love should be real.

Everyone dreams of real love, especially women. Women feel a need for love more, but they too don’t know what it is.

Real love means that I love someone else and not myself! I fulfill a partner and not that I become fulfilled because of him or her. That means that it has nothing to do with sex but rather wanting to feel all the desires of another person and getting pleasure from fulfilling those desires. That is love.

Such love doesn’t have to be between a man and a woman. The one who fulfills another is called a man and the one who receives the fulfillment is called a woman. It could be opposite to our physiological qualities since it is determined by a spiritual principle that is higher than our physical bodies.

In order to have real love we need to rise above our egoism in order to truly love our neighbor. In other words, I no longer love another person because it is pleasant, sweet, and brings satisfaction.

I don’t look at a pretty face, legs, or hair, and not even the personality matters. In other words, I don’t pay attention to the external or the inner qualities of a woman. I just look for ways to fulfill her, rising above any personal attitude toward her, which is egoistic.

In this case, a man also can be an object of love for me, and that is why in Kabbalah we talk about love for the friends. We agree to build relationships of love between us, and of course we are not talking about any intimate connections.

Love is when each person is ready to reveal his desire so that a friend can fulfill it, and the friend, in turn, reveals his desire to me so that I fulfill it. In this manner, we unite in mutual love. Mutual or two-sided love is called adhesion.

I penetrate within the inner desires of my friend, fulfill him, and he penetrates within my inner desires and fulfills me. There is no difference here between men and women of our world. In this manner, everyone begins to unite. This love is completely separate from our animal bodies and genders.

In this love, there cannot be one who loves and another who is loved. Each of us both receives and gives love.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/30/15

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The World In The Balance

Laitman_077Question: It says that a person “judges the whole world to the scale of merit.” How can one person affect the whole world?

Answer: One person can affect the whole world because he connects to the whole world and wants to judge the world favorably. In spirituality every individual is as important as the general, according to the law that the general and the individual are equal.

Question: If a person listens to your lessons regularly, he is full of love for everyone, and so it is clear that he judges the world favorably. On the other hand, another person may tip the scale against the world. What will happen to the world? Who will win?

Answer: The world is judged by the majority. This is the reason that we have to try to have as many people who want to reach the love of others as possible.

Question: What gives you the power and the patience to continuously teach people about connection, unity, and love? You are ever optimistic and you don’t feel despair by what happens in Israel and all over the world.

Where do you draw your optimism from? What makes you so sure that a person can tip the scale in the world’s favor? Doesn’t it worry you that everything around us may suddenly collapse?

Answer: It does worry me because I don’t want people to suffer and bring about pain and afflictions unto themselves and the whole world. But I do understand the situation they are in and I try to explain things to them over and over again.

It is like working with small kids: no matter how difficult it may be, you cannot just abandon them. This is the reason that I explain things patiently to them over and over again. It all stems from love, as it says: “Love will cover all sins.”
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 7/12/15

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The Proper Education For A Person

laitman_538Question: What is this “proper education?”

Answer: The proper education is the integration of a person in the right environment that gives him a line of action and a direction toward the future state.

He always needs to see his next state in the environment. His next state pushes him forward, awakens, encourages, and pushes the desire to be like it. In an environment, it is easier for him to be changed.

Educators create an atmosphere for the little man in which all of his feelings—including shame, fear and so forth—push him to become like the environment, and so all the units from which the entire little childish society is composed are correctly gathered into a harmonious group, and this is their next state.

A harmonious group is a group in which the egoistic person is reshaped into a social person, and he begins to understand that he is found in absolute, mutual cooperation with the surrounding society, and only through mutual cooperation like this can he provide for everything that he needs in a good, correct, and convenient form.

The person puts pressure like this on his ego when he wants to succeed in something since each one of us has some kind of personal goal. It is possible to do this only in an appropriate environment with which he needs to be in good contact. This means that an egoistic goal attains something through altruistic actions.

Good contact is the right mutual cooperation with others. I am for them and they are for me, and that is how we help each other to attain something important for everyone.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 7/9/15

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One Step On The Way To Wholeness

laitman_749_03The Torah, “Numbers” 11:15: [Moses said to the Lord,] If this is the way You treat me, please kill me if I have found favor in Your eyes, so that I not see my misfortune.

Moses is a characteristic that pulls us forward toward the goal of creation. Either it is killed, or the people follow it, meaning the ego kills one of the two.

Question: Why does Moses get so much pain from the people?

Answer: It is because he sees that greatness, wholeness, and eternity are waiting for them, whereas the people cannot understand what is prepared for them and take at least one step toward this! In addition, if everyone had taken this step together, he would not have had so much pain. The pain would have disappeared immediately.

The beginning of connection and union is just a psychological problem. We immediately feel what this gives, but our first breakthrough forward must happen through an inner split with the ego. However, a person is not ready to be detached from it, so he suffers.

Question: Did detachment from the ego begin with the plagues in Egypt?

Answer: No, the plagues in Egypt were necessary for splitting the Red Sea, meaning the partial departure from the ego and the beginning of working with it, and after that begins the movement through the wilderness when every step takes us further and further from the ego, approaching others more and more! We work in a constant internal tension: thinking about others, feeling them instead of myself, working for their sake.

This is a wilderness for the ego because there is no nourishment here from receiving for my own sake. Rather, everything is directed toward bestowal only.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/25/15

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The Elections Continue

laitman_229After the results of the election reached the Knesset in Israel, the social networks presented two strong feelings that were held by the people: happiness and rejoicing from victory and hard disappointment from defeat.

A Divided People

In the recent elections 26 parties participated: How can such a small country have so many parties and opinions?

Even if this is good, it is good only if there is something that unites us into one people. But we see that this is not happening.

Those Who Fell Into Hatred

Within the nation there stands an essential problem: How is it possible to find the right base among us, a reliable common denominator? This will be possible only if we begin to balance the power of the ego that arouses disputes, separation and internal wars between us with the power of love. This is latent in our people and we lived according to its laws before the destruction of the Second Temple, which was destroyed because of unfounded hatred. So we fell from the level of love to hatred, and today, with the end of the exile, we must rise again from unfounded hatred to love between us. Only in this way will we create a situation in which nobody will want to go away from here and everyone will live in peace, in happiness, and in security.

That is how it has always been; only union is what saved us. From the start our people were founded on the union of people who were strangers to each other in ancient Babylon, under the authority and leadership of Abraham. That is how the people lived and existed, in conditions of union and love above hatred, according to the principle, “love covereth all transgressions” (Proverbs 10:12).

Put an End to Division

Even today it is up to us to understand how to establish bridges between us and overcome mutual hatred with the help of love. Only in this way can we continue on the way. I very much hope that this message will be heard by both these and those, that the right part of the population will not yield to strong euphoria, and the left to strong disappointment. For the moment of truth has arrived, but we don’t see where we are.

The next step is a necessary step from our perspective; this is the union of the people above all these differences and contradictions, above the distances, the isolation, and mutual hatred. Struggles have already occurred in our history and we must not allow a situation like this now. This weakens us and threatens us with terrible consequences, which are not even desirable to think about.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that we can’t even be sure of another exile, for the former traditional ties no longer connect and bind us to each other as they did in the past. And so we must now find a means, a method, that will connect all the ends of the spectrum and consolidate us into a single people. It is necessary to rise above the views of the right and the left to a state of a single people. There fulfillment and wholeness is to be found, in it everyone will feel wholeness. It is incumbent upon us and it is possible. I very much hope that the people will begin to reflect and think about this.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that there is no other way out, that the former approach has exhausted itself. It is not worthwhile to close accounts with the past, let’s direct our view towards the future. This is the method and this is the only situation in which all of us can exist from now on.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Situation in Israel After The Elections” 3/18/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 08.06.15

Preparation for the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash “Rungs of the Ladder,” Article 38

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Meaning of Conception and Birth”

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Writings of Rabash “Dargot HaSulam,” Article 24

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar

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